Need help modifying a Raphnet Famicom to NES Controller converter

Started by SeanOrange, March 11, 2018, 08:02:04 pm

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I agree, it's a small forum but a very friendly one. Nothing like Nintendo Age or PC Engine FX.
Although I think Nesdev is similarly friendly it is mostly a technical forum and discussions tend to get very technical.


Yeah, this place is wonderful!  I got some very good feedback a while ago about how the controller expansion works with different games.  It was wonderful to try out some scenarios and share the findings with people who not only understood what I was talking about, but had insight into what I could do next.  And you've all been very kind to Vinnk and myself.  Oh the mistakes we could have avoided in our videos if we's Only come here more often!

This EXT port thing is extremely interesting to me, because I can see how much of an improvement the NES hardware was in that respect.  Sure, it lost the microphone input hat almost nothing used, but it turns out being able to use any controller for Player 1 or 2 without an adapter on the Famicom was literally impossible.  The releasing the AV Famicom makes a lot more sense now -- especially in light of its origins as a backwards compatible device for the Super Famicom.  Which makes it a little surprising (but not too surprising) that none of the other EXT pins are routed through the AV Famicom P2 port, because it still has a full EXT port, and the only devices that used an NES-style plug were the controllers that came with it.

Thanks again to you all.  This has been really great.


If you do the mod don't forget to report your results. Many are interested how things turn out. I wanna know if the CLOCK(x) line is used by the Zapper as well.

Quote from: SeanOrange on March 16, 2018, 12:59:28 pm
Oh the mistakes we could have avoided in our videos if we's Only come here more often!

So come here more often. :)


Oh, absolutely!  I'll go through the process of just hooking up those two wires to see if they work before I disconnect the existing ones, then we will know for absolutely certain what is required and what is not.  I definitely gotta give back, and not just take!

Yeah, coming by more often is definitely a thing I will be doing!


Hey guys,

I would like to re ignite that topic. I been doing some research on the Famicom controller 2 (with mic of course).
And that topic just made me take back my project to make a Famicom P2 controller work on an NES.

I found diagrams after diagrams but could not make my controller work ( i'm no even trying to make the mic work).
Here is what I did:
I looked at pinout for famicom P2 and nes here is what i done to connect it.

1: ground: red
2: clock: white /        5:+5v : brown
3: latch: yellow /       6: D3: ( mic but not connected) : blue
4: data : orange /     7: D4: none

I tested it on double dragon 2 and the only thing that happen is that the P2 character is jumping when i plug the controller. If I wiggle the connector it punch and jump.
otherwise using the pad does not make my character move or anything.

I don't know if this is the right place to post that but I thought it was related to the topic. Let me know If I should move it somewhere else.