Famicom Disk System Crash

Started by bethoviszt, February 19, 2019, 10:36:19 am

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I have a working Famicom, I can play on it as long as I want using cartridges, it works flawlessly. I even tested it a few times, leaving the power on for long periods of time and when I came back to it the game had not crashed, everything was functional.

Now, I also have a functional Disk System, which runs on batteries (I've tested this on a power supply as well, the problem is the same), and what happens is that everything works great at first, but invariably, after a few minutes of gameplay, the console simply crashes. This does not happen while the Disk System itself is working, rather it happens when it is sleeping and the game is simply running from the ram adapter. I also get the sprite glitch from Mario 2.

Do any of you have any idea what could be the issue, or how I could try to fix it? Could the problem causing the sprite glitch cause it to invariably crash after a few minutes?

Thank you!


The sprite glitch is something that is repairable with a part and is something that I can do.

As for the RAM adapter crashing... I've had a couple of RAM adapters where the RAM chip simply died and wasn't loading the game onto memory. This seems like a similar issue. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix for that - you would have to replace the RAM adapter entirely.

If you're interested in a cheap replacement, please contact me. I can offer just the board without the cable at the best possible price ;)