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Cars of Famicom World

Started by maxellnormalbias, March 03, 2019, 08:16:48 pm

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About two weeks ago, my grandparents' 2004 Cadilliac Deville that I bought from them got hit by someone who accidentally put their car in reverse instead of drive. Got slammed good and the car was totalled, but I'm fine because the front is so long. :)

So in its place, I bought my first new car and went the complete opposite direction; a 2019 Mini Cooper hard top.

I knew I wanted a hatchback with decent gas mileage, and since I work at a car dealership, I was offered a deal on this that I couldn't pass up as far as new cars are concerned. Really happy with it so far. It's only front wheel drive so we'll see how it takes a Nebraska winter...
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