Started by shoggoth80, March 14, 2019, 02:37:25 pm

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Hey all,
I didn't see a thread for him yet, so I figured I would take a moment to give a bug thumbs up to Sydsydsyd. Helped me scratch a long standing title off my want list, and even had a cool Mario hack I didn't have yet. Very good communication. All around good transaction.


Thanks for the feedback Andrew! Hope u enjoy those games  :-[
Nice to meet you  :bub:
Yeah, sure


Got cartridges today from Sydsydsyd, the shipping was fast, carefully packed, cartridges are in great condition and work just perfect. Very pleasant communication, and detailed description + additional photos of the games.
I highly recommend to deal with Sydsydsyd, you may buy some rare cartridges that could not be found somewhere else, especially in such beautiful condition.

Thank you Lucas and wish you big luck with next sales  :)
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Bought Somari. Great communication.  Package arrived quickly. Am very satisfied. Thanks!


Great guy to deal with!  I look forward to dealing with Lucas again soon :)
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Got some more carts from Lucas/Sydsydsyd. Just as smooth as the last time.  Pleasant guy to do business with.


Great contact, fast shipping, very well packed games in great condition. I recommend a high deal with a sydsydsyd.


Great contact (quick to reply!), fast shipping, buy his stuff!


Great seller, fast shipping! Thanks!


+1 :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Bought 2 awesome famicarts !! :redcart: :redcart:

Top five star seller! Very friendly communication and honest product description. Everything came nicely packed and comfortably trackable. Working like new!

PS: These Argentinian pirates are really nice oldschool quality! Highly appreciated product description including type - full IC / glob top or combination. A+++


Bought 2 famicom carts. Responded right away when I initially messaged him, cartridges were packed very nicely when they arrived, and they worked great after I cleaned them a little. Overall a great transaction!


Thank you for cartridges, very good condition, and very cool games I didn't have in my collection until now.
Like last time I'm very satisfied. Wish you luck, and hope you'll have more stuff like this, it's great to deal with.
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Good deal! 8) Thank you, Lucas! ;)


He was very nice and offered discounts too  ;D
Definitely recommend buying from him!



Lucas is very friendly, and we are carpet brothers too. Great guy to buy from or sell / trade with.
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