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Replied by e-mail again.


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■ML X<> Stop 2019-11-21 (목) 23:05
I don't know Nintendoking. I've never discussed with him.
This is a reply of him on a topic I made.
It does not mean I know him.
Again, this evening, I will send you a photo of Captain Hook.
I did not sell it to NintendoKing.
I kept things.
You bought NintendoKing things by yourself on ebay.
How could I know about it?
Yes. I know mt777 (it is stated as so in the previous mail).
I bought games from mt777 too.
In 2017 = mt777 last time purchase.
However, I have NOT talked about you to him.
Why would I?
There is no reason for me to.
I was not aware you bought things from him.
You can ask him. I can give you all mail exchanges.
There are few sellers, few collectors.
It is liklely that two people buy from the same person.
SMB2 video:
I was confused.
You sent me mysterious mail.
This comment was anonymous.
I was not aware of the naver posts.
I changed the link in the comment with a calm NES music.
In hope it would appease the situation.
It was a bad idea. I made a mistake.
I am sorry about this.
The situation was unclear to me at this time.
Hence it made things worst.
I am very confused now.
Your posts. It makes me feel bad.
I don't know what I did wrong.
It is not the truth.
I did my best.
You helped me. I am thankful.
I tried to help you.
But you're criticizing me for things I have no responsability for.
I give up cards collecting.
I will sell the games.
I will not accept more dishonest remarks.
I have never harassed anyone.
Or conspired against anyone.
I give up collecting.
It's too much trouble.
I kept seeking games to help you.
JY-118 (Working) found.
If you want to have it. You can have it.
JY-016 1997 do you want? I'll give it.
I would have sold it cheaply ($10-15 each).
But you keep saying I am dishonest and a liar.
This is not honest.
You're a great collector. I hope you succeed your collecting goal.

■ML X<> RE: Stop 2019-11-22 (금) 06:26
IMG_0590.JPG 2MB
IMG_0589.JPG 1MB
IMG_0588.JPG 2MB
NintendoKing Skull & Crossbones:
Skull & Crossbones (cartridge I bought from you)
(Photos attached)
Cart I purchased from you = coating damage, different cut, different sticking angle.
Nintendoking cover = stain (ripped piece?), dirt, "H" different cut (turquoise blue rectangle. Different visible area)
Please notice the differences.

■ML X<> Captain Hook 2019-11-22 (금) 18:32
Your Captain Hook photo.
The copy you sold to me.
You can see, 100% match my photos.
It does not match NintendoKing.
(Dirt, damage, etc, all different).
Oreanor copy = Seoul1988 copy = Your N#1
Nintendoking copy = unknown origin (photo in naver post, first time seen).
My copy = Your N#2

■FW ML X<> 2019-11-22 (금) 19:51
1. I swear to god that I do not know NintendoKing and never contacted him privately. Ever.
I don't even know how you can conceive this.
2. kmh205 offered these cartridges for sales on oldgamestravel, paramsx.
I bought them from kmh205, yes.
How could I know they were from you? It was his photos.
Loda98 contacted you by himself. I never requested it to join it.
He knews tekkenspecial from 2010-2015, before I knew him.
As you can see, mt777 asked if you had a site or something, proving he was curious and had not heard about you before.
3. No, you're harassing me. When you posted comments on my blog, I was not aware of the paramsx posts.
I got confused and replaced the link with calm Famicom music.
4. I don't understand how and why.
You chose to be silent on ruten bidding, you bought expensive cartridges from
Ebay by yourself, you're accusing me of controlling everyone against you.
Do you realise how unrealistic it is?
If Skull & Crossbones is a mistake, what is left to assess?

■FW2 ML X<> 2019-11-22 (금) 20:13
IMG_0592.JPG 2MB
IMG_0593.JPG 2MB
I made a mistake.
I meant NintendoZ not NintendoKing.
2019/03/03: message from NintendoZ.
Exchange NSM-002 <-> JY-104 Crocodile Sir, JY-114 Duck Tales 2.
First time contact.
He sent two messages:
1x private message
1x e-mail
He requested to prove that i was MasterDisk before trading.
Before this date, I had never talked to him.
I remembered the nickname wrong.
Attached photos.
NintendoKing, NintendoZ. Name similarity.
it misslead me.
I repeat once more.
I do not know NintendoKing.

■FW3 ML X<> 2019-11-23 (토) 08:58
Sinfox04 Family Noraebang set found (joonggonara sale).
I could have bought it directly.
Yet, I chose to inform you.
Because you had helped me before.
It was extremly respectful.
Why do you neglect such fact? There are many.
Teresa, etc.
They would have bought silently & resold for money.
(Teresa, all sold for money, you refuse to accept it)
Teresa approached me too.
They were nicely speaking to me as well.
It was just manipulation.
You still do not realise who are the bad people.
You're thinking of the wrong culprit.
JY collecting, repair, etc. It was a real hobby.
These wrong criticisms. I won't accept them.
I give up JY collecting.
I put passion in it.
I even had cartridges repaired.
It was more expensive to do than buy a working cartridge.
Nobody else did this.
Many other people would have trashed the broken cartridges without thinking.

■많은 사람들이 악한 이유를 몰랐었는데 2016년 ML의 Taizou JY-130 소개 때문에 질투를 봐서 퍼즐이 맞춰졌다
질투는 말로만 들어보고 뭔지 몰랐는데 느껴보고 알았다
세상 사람들이 무서워져서 자신감이 없어졌다
세상엔 질투가 존재하니까 내가 소중하게 생각하는 걸 남한테 보여주면 좋을게 하나도 없어서 공유를 철수했다(사람들이 불순해서 날 타겟으로 삼고 비싸게 판매하는 사람이 생긴다. 어떤 사람은 질투해서 내가 못 구하게 꼭꼭 숨겨서 나의 수집을 방해하기도 할거다)
난 ML 때문에 세상의 불편한진실을 알게돼서 순진함을 잃었고 공유를 철수해야되기 때문에 ML을 미워했다(자랑 안하면 인생 재미없음. 지금은 적응돼서 오히려 자랑하는게 어리석은 짓)
난 이때 세상이 불순하다는 걸 알아차렸다.
ML이 제일 불순하면서 순진한척 하는 것 같은데 ML 혼자만 순진하면 되는 게 아니다. 난 예외 없고 아무도 못믿는다
지금 생각해보면 ML의 질투+인종차별이였던 것 같다
인종차별도 말로만 들어보고 뭔지 몰랐는데 최근에 이걸 보고 알았다
이건 테레사 혼자 벌인 일인데 나 까지 의심받을줄은 몰랐다
난 가난했지만 2004년에 갑자기 큰돈이 생겼다(ML은 내 홈페이지 메모장 죽돌이 였으니까 내가 올린 혼잣말을 해석해 봤다면 알 수도 있다)
난 자존심 구기면서 2006년 부터 팩을 수집하러 다녔다(내가 좋아하는 건 팩 밖에 없어서 팩 수집에만 돈을 썼다)
난 시세 알아보기도 귀찮고 평등을 추구해서 모든 팩을 평등하게 10000원씩 판매했다(저질 FC팩을 비싸게 판다는 건 내 양심에 안맞는 짓이라 그렇게 할 생각을 안했다)
난 돈 귀한줄을 모르고 세상물정을 몰랐고 판매자한테 고마워했기 때문에 내가 구매할때는 비싸게 구매한적도 많다
난 팩사진을 공유 했었다. 난 ML을 친구라고 생각하진 않았다. ML이 나한테 JY 사진을 보내줘서 고마웠는데 가격에 태클거는 등 무례한말을 하기도 했다
2016년 시점부터는 남들처럼 시세를 파악하고 남들처럼 물건을 숨기고 조금씩 보여주고 팔지 못한 걸 크게 후회했다
ML이 JY팩을 전부 덤프하니까 내가 수집한 JY팩들이 별거 아니게 느껴져서 2018년 부터 ML이 절대 따라할 수 없는 모든 합팩 수집으로 목표를 늘렸다(난 ML이 파논 함정에 빠진거다)
돈 탕진하는 기분도 느껴보고 알았다. 악한 사람한테 돈 많이쓰고 탕진하면 저주받은 기분이다.
2018년 시점부터는 이 바닥이 좁다는 걸 알아차렸고 돈 말고는 다 필요없다는 걸 깨달아서 비싸게 팔면 안되고 비싸게 올린 걸 사서도 안된다는 생각으로 굳었다
많이 보여주는 nintendoking을 고마워하다가 돈이 바닥났다
난 돈계산하기 귀찮아서 돈계산 안하고 샀는데 헤비콜렉터를 처음으로 만나서 크게 당한거다
돈은 종이쪽지에 불과하니까 모든합팩 수집목표를 이루기 위해서 돈만 된다면 몇억이라도 지불할 생각이였다
깨닫기 전 돈의 가치관: 돈은 종이쪽지에 불과하다. 물건이 가치있다. 돈은 써야 가치있다. 돈은 쓸때 가치가 생긴다. 아깝지 않게 죽기 전에 다 써야한다
깨달은 뒤: 평생 모으고 안쓰는게 최고의 인생. 돈 잘못쓰면 큰 상처가 됨. 돈이 마음을 든든하게 함
1.나는 NintendoKing이 아닌 NintendoZ를 의미했다. 닉네임이 잘못 기억났다. ===== ML이 거짓말하는건지 진실인지는 알 수 없어서 미궁으로 남는다
2.Loda98이 직접 연락했다. 나는 그것을 가입 요청하지 않았다. mt777은 사이트 또는 무언가가 있는지 물어 보았으며 호기심이 있었고 이전에 당신에 대해 들어 보지 못했다는 것을 증명했다. ===== ML이 거짓말하는건지 진실인지는 알 수 없어서 미궁으로 남는다
3.나는 혼란스러워하고 차분한 Famicom 음악으로 링크를 대체했다. ===== ML이 거짓말하는건지 진실인지는 알 수 없어서 미궁으로 남는다
4.당신은 내가 당신을 상대로 모든 사람을 통제했다고 비난하고 있다. 그것이 얼마나 비현실적인지 아나? ===== ML이 날 괴롭히려고 작정하고 스토킹했다면 가능한 일이지만 ML이 거짓말하는건지 진실인지는 알 수 없어서 미궁으로 남는다
nintendoking 운송장을 찾아봤다

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What exactly are you posting here?  It looks like nonsense to everyone who has reached out to me.


It would be good to stop posting people's real names and other personal info --- at least until someone can prove he/she/they is/are scammers or something.


Context of what's going on, on this topic:
I've been replying by e-mail directly previously but jjaeheee does not reply to me. He posts his replies here.

Overall context:
I'm being accused of having him paid large amounts of money with various sellers all around the world. Notably:
a) By bidding against him on ruten & similar
b) By telling sellers around the world such as NintendoKing that he would buy cartridges at any prices.

Aside, I'm also being accused of:
c) contacting him all the way back in 2010, forcing his hand at selling cartridges.
d) having done anything against him by jealousy.

I've addressed all these points already. I can write the same things over and over again but I'm not being listened to.

a) in 2011-2012, I offered to sell cartridges to him, to which he said he was not interested in shells that were not from Korea. Some time later (2013-2015?), we bid against each other, non-knowingly on my end, on a few cartridges. The ending price on those auction was high. At a point (2016?), I asked him if he was bidding on a auction. He said yes and I proceeded to NEVER bid against him again. And I never bid against him again up to this day. Jjaeheee is neglecting this fact completly and expected me to guess that he was the one bidding beforr I learned about it. I would not have bid if I were told but he chose by himself to not day anything. It's his choice but I can't be blamed then. And when I learned it anywayx I stopped bidding.
b) Nonsense. I've never dealt with NintendoKing. I can share my whole paypal history and ebay account. I'm not blamable for his purchases, in any way.
c) Yes, I contacted him all the way back. But I've never forced his hand, ever. Once I even received a broken cartridge for him that he wanted working (JY-075). I offered him to cancel the deal even tho I had paid the cartridge.
d) what jealousy? Realizing the value of money before you? Excuse me?
If my whole """plan""" was to mess with him in hope to get more cartridges, and if I were that thoughtful about "the value of money" I wouldn't be selling the JY cartridges on my instagram account for the exact price I bought them at.
I'm not rich either. I spent my salary on games too. I had hard times but I knew where to stop. If you couldn't, it's your problem. I've proved already many time that I never messed with you, ever. See the facts.
I've stated it many time, I don't collect in such atmosphere nor have interest in keeping so.
I would enjoy this situation if I were the person you describe.
But I do not. This situation is a nonsense.

Also, I will not accept any racism remarks from you. For 10 years I've been buying cartridges from all around the world. I never had problems and have excel contacts with asian, european, americans, etc. You're the first person ever telling me I'm racist. Ever.
Maybe I should post some of the mails you wrote to me. I was always polite, you literally insulted me multiple times.

I should have:
-like anyone who experience a parcel loss, open a paypal complaint to get fully reimbursed. Because Paypal always reimburse the buyer.
I didn't because I was too nice and dumb. Screw me.
-Not offered any free repair. Booh on me for caring about pieces of plastic and some circuit board.
-Sell cartridges at costs to him. Again, too nice and dumb on my end.
-Kept bidding against him after I learned what was his auction ID. I was too nice and dumb to store p, seemingly.

But I did none of it.

But no, according to Jjaeheee, I am seemingly a real asshole trying to ruin one's life just for pieces of plastic.
Those pieces of plastic I'll get rid of, because I can't be arsed to enjoy collecting in such conditions.

So what's the conclusion?
I did it all (what did I do exactly?)? For what? To give up collecting?

"Swiss post is unreliable these days.
New potentiometer thumbwheel did not arrive (aliexpress unreliable). = Two strike out."

=> These two sentenced are uncorrelated.
The first one was about a parcel I sent, which took a month to arrive.
I offered a FULL MONEY BACK if it would have taken too long to arrive.

The second sentence was about purchasing a potentiometer from aliexpress, which was NEVER shipped from China. Another was bought after that and arrived, was installed in the cartridge and the cartridge was returned.
These two cases are completly unrelated and in both cases jjaeheee got his parcels.

You're inventing lies and taking everything out of context.

I already replied to the rest. We're just turning in circles and repeating ourselves.


I have been friends with Masterdisk since 2009, and we have been trading games ever since i joined famicomworld. He's always careful and makes sure deals go smoothly. Doesn't ever forget about long-standing purchases or agreements.

Whatever is going on here, i am sure it is just drama.
member #844 and 565


As a side note, I wrote my previous post in a hurry at my work place. It's messy but the main point is here.