[FS] Papers and Stickers for your FDS Disquettes

Started by MWK, March 31, 2019, 12:11:22 pm

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Dobry Wieczór :D

I don't know why, but lately I got furious about my disks (both original and non) that were missing that paper cover inside the case and stickers OR stickers were long wrong because something else has already been written on the particular or both sides. SO, I've managed to recreate those two things from scratch (CorelDRAW FTW! lol) and finally being able to clean and settle my whole FDS mess - on THESE two PHOTOS you see the ones I originally made in so called first run, hence ContraBanda brand all over the place :crazy:

Once I've done it myself I thought maybe someone else would be interested in doin' the same thing?
That's why I present to you a final product - brand new, professionally printed, cover papers and stickers for your FDS disks collections, free of any contraband so you can customize it the way you always wanted 8)
(those paper insides are made of plain 250g offset paper, pre-creased to fit your plastic case, you only need to fold it, stickers on the other hand are made of nice self-adhesive paper sticker, pre-cut, ready to apply)
* please bear in mind that I do not offer nor sell paper sleeves for the disks!

I'm always open for price bargain, but for starters, how about lets say $10 for set of 10 paper covers and 10 stickers.
+ shipping that would be $5 fixed worldwide no matter how much the stuff you buy.

!!! click photo to enlarge it a bit !!!