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Started by senseiman, April 11, 2019, 06:59:29 pm

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April 11, 2019, 06:59:29 pm Last Edit: September 18, 2019, 11:12:48 pm by senseiman
Hi All,

Another update!  I am trying to get rid of this stuff to make room for my daughter's room so most stuff is priced to sell. This will be open until the end of September, after which my busy work schedule will prevent me from doing this for a few months at least.

Shipping: I send stuff from Japan.  Sent SAL Small packet (which is the best rate) it works out to about $2 for the first FC or SFC cart and 1$ for each cart after that to the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany and a few other countries.  GB games will be cheaper (about 2 carts for $1).  I'll send it anywhere but the rates will vary a bit, especially if you are in a country which doesn't accept SAL small packet.  Shipping to North America that way takes about 2-3 weeks and does not have tracking (shipping times can vary a bit).  I can also send EMS which is faster but costs more.  I try to charge the actual amount for shipping.

Payment: Paypal!

You can check my feedback here:

Since I am prioritizing getting rid of this stuff quickly, any message with a commitment to buy will get priority.  


Also since I'm so eager to get rid of it, I am pricing everything individually as indicated below.  But to encourage bulk purchases I'm offering the following discounts:

Buy 5 carts or more get 5% off
Buy 10 carts or more get 10% off
Buy 20 carts or more get 20% off
Buy 30 carts or more get 30% off
Buy 40 carts or more get 40% off

You can mix and match FC, SFC and GB carts for this discount. It doesn't apply to the shipping unfortunately!


(SOLD) Really Yellow Famicoms $15 each.  These are so yellow they probably aren't even yellow anymore, more like orange.  Come with AC adaptor and RF switch.
Picture here:

Super Famicom Carrying case $15.  Bit of wear here and there but overall not bad.
Picture here:

Yellowed AV Famicom $40.  Comes with AC adaptor and one controller (note: NO AV CABLES). And its yellow.  Pretty good if you don't care what it looks like (and have an AV cable for it).
Picture here:

(again, see the above link for photos.  I've listed these in the order they appear in the photos.  I've tried to get the names all right, but sometimes my ability to read kanji fails me, so remember it is the game in the photo being described)


Pictures here:
And here:

Makai Mura $6
Pacman $6
Skykid $5
Swat $4
Nekketsu Soccer $7
Chiyono Fuji OSumo $2
Famicom Jump $1
Devil World $5
Balloon Fight $7
Spelunker $7
(Bandai Fighting game, can't read title) $2
Penguin Kun Wars $3
Makai Shima $3
Lagrange Point $10
Takeshi's Challenge $4
ASA $3
Super Rugby $2
(Blue Samurai game, can't read title) $2
Bird Week $2
Kinniku Man $2
Keisan Game 2 $3
Super Pitfall $2
Kyonshizu 2 $2
Nichibutsu Mahjong III $1
Wagyan Land $4
Uru Boshi Yatsura $3
Plasma Ball $10
SMB3 $3
1942 $4
Final Fantasy III $3
Ninja Kun $3
Mighty Bomb Jack $3
Bokosuka Wars $3
Moe Puro $1
Yume Bouken $3
Osomatsu Kun $3
Popeye $3
Donkey Kong 3 $4
Ikari $4
Sanrio Cup Bon Bon Volley $5
Ninja JaJa Maru Kun $3
Kiteretsu Dai Hyakka $4
Donkey Kong $4
Dragon Ninja $4
Spartan X $4
Dig Dug II $4
Goemon Gaiden $5
Dragon Ball Z $1
Gegege no Kitaro $2
Golf $1
Excite Bike $3
Goonies 2 $4
Babel $3

Fire Emblem $4
Jeckyll and Hide $10
Rockman 3 $8
Banana $4 (SOLD)
Son Son $4
Final Mission $30
Yume Penguin Monogatari $20 (SOLD)
Namco Classic II $1
Legend of Kage $2
Lupin Sansei $10
Ghostbusters II $40 (SOLD)
Kage $30
Metro Cross $8
TMNT $10
TMNT 2 $18
Famista 92 $1
City Connection $4
Thunderbirds $4 (SOLD)
Arctic $5 (SOLD)
Nekketsu Dodge ball $6
Solomon no Kagi $8 (SOLD)
Mario Bros (pulse line) $5
Druaga no To $3
Bug te Honey $3
Onyanko Town $3
Transformers Mystery of Comvoy $3
Wagyan Land $4
Little Magic $4 (SOLD)
Conflict $4
Hokuto no Ken 2 $3
Pinball Quest $4
Hokuto no Ken $3
Ikinari Musician $4 (SOLD)
Tom Sawyer no Bouken $4
Route 16 Turbo $3
Doraemon Ginga Zombie $3
Ikki $4
Magic Johnny $4
The Black Bass II $2
Esupa no Bouken $3
Terra Presta $3
Atlantis no Nazo $4
Dragon Fighter $25
Guardian Legend $15
Adventures of Lolo $25
Gun Sight $4
Hook $20
Kakefu Kun Jump Tengoku $3
Athena $15
Ninja Ryukenden $15
Family Quiz $3
Great Deal $10
Taiku no Gen san $20
Star Wars $9
Kunio Kun $8
Elevator Action $6
Attack Animal Gakuen $7
Gradius $2
Hello Kitty World $9
Dragon Buster $3
Ganbare Goemon Gaiden 2 $5
Sangokushi $2
Ikari II $8
Sky Kid $6
Makai Mura $6
Xevious $2
Mappy $5
Hi no Tori $5
Meiro Daisakusen $8
Ys $3
Donkey Kong Jr $4
Varis $4
FF 3 $4
FF2 $2 (label is discolored)
SMB $2
Racer Mini $3
Binary Land $5
Booby Kids $3
Buggy Popper $2
Adventure Island II $6
Ice Climber $6
Bomberman $4


Pictures here:
And here:

Street Fighter Zero 2 $15
Street Fighter II Turbo $3
Hoshi No Kirby Super Deluxe $6
Kirby Bowl $4
Yoshi's Island $4
Zelda Densetsu $9
Super Mario RPG $4
Super Mario Kart $3
Super Mario Collection $7
Super Mario World $3
Super Puyo Puyo $2
Super Puyo Puyo 2 $2
Super Donkey Kong $3
Super Donkey Kong 2 $3
Super Donkey Kong 3 $3
Sailor Moon $6
Super Bomberman $5
Super Bomberman 3 $8
Bomberman B Daman $4
Panic Bomber W $3
Uchuu no Kishi Tekamon Blade $4
Estpolis $3
Drakkhen $3
Final Fantasy IV $4
Rushing Beat Ran $18
Battle Soccer 2 $2
Rockman X3 $20
Super Wagyan Land $4
Space Invaders $3
BOmbuzzal $3

Dragon Quest 4 $2
Loney Tunes Road Runner vs Wile E Coyote $5
Downtown Nekketsu Baseball Monogatari $5
Suchi Pai $3
Final Fight $6
Star Ocean $12
Dynamite Las Vegas $2
Doraemon 3 $3
Doraki no Kusa Yakiu $3
Gadean $3
Taruruto Kun Magical Adventure $5
Super Nazo Puyo $3
Tecmo Super Bowl III $2
Final Fantasy 6 $4
Kunio no Oden $5
Super EDF $12
Pac in Time $4
Super Power League 4 $1
Slayers $3
Doraemon $4
Battle Robot Ran $3
Chou Godzilla $3
Crayon Shin Chan 2 $2
Hokuto no Ken 5 $4
Hello Pacman $5
Dragon Slayer Legend of Heroes II $3
Ganbare Goemon $7
Yaiba $3
Dragon Ball Z 3 $2


Picture of games here:

Tiny Toon Adventures $3
Tiny Toon Adventures 3 $3
Uno2 $1
Cyber Formula $1
Hoshi no Kirby 2 $3
Batman $4 (SOLD)
Dracula Densetsu $8
Oko Tsukai Daisakusen $1
Yu Yu Hakusho $1
Sanrio Carnival $2
Last bible $2
Doraemon $2
Kirby Kira Kira Kids $2
Dino Breeder 2 $2
Super Robot Daisen G $1
Zelda no Densetsu $6
Pocket Monster (blue) $1
Pocket Monster (green) $1
Pocket Monster (yellow) $1
Pocket Monster (red) $1
Kirby's Dream Land 2 (seems to be American version, not sure how I got that) $3
Kingyo Chuiho 2 $1
Golf $1
Yaiba $2
(something) densetsu 2 $1
Mini Racer GB $1
Pawa Modera $1
Patlabor $3
Riromonzu Kurabu $2
Hitori de Dekiru Mon $1
Super Donkey Kong GB $2
Donkey Kong $2
Double Dragon $3
Bubble Bobble $8
Go Go Tank $3
Dragon Slayer $3
Dragon Quest Monsters (GB Color) $1
Moguranya $2
Ganbare Goemon $5
Kirby Kira Kira Kids $2
Raijino $2
Konan $1
Dino Breeder $3
Selection II $3
Boku Dracula Kun $10 (SOLD)
Kaeru no tame ni Kagami ha naru $2
Bomberman Collection $3
Momotaro Dengeki $1
Game Boy Gallery $4
Game Boy Galery 2 $4
GB Genjin $5
GB Genjin 2 $5
Dragon Ball Z $1
Super Chinese Land $2
Nemesis $2 (SOLD)
Tramp Collection G $2
Reren GB $2
Palamedes $3
Hoshi no Kirby $3
Turbo 55 $2
Namco Gallery 3 $3
Moguranya $2
Red Arima $2
Doraemon Kart $2
Loopz $3
Crayon Shin Chan $1
Crayon Shin Chan 2 $1
Crayon Shin Chan 3 $1
Crayon Shin Chan 4 $1
Fantasy Tour $4
Cinderella Mystery Tour $4
Puyo Puyo $2
Puyo Puyo 2 $2
Sailor Moon $5
Sailer moon R $5
Space Invaders $2
Baseball Kids $1
Monster Race $2
Life $1
Medarot $2
Farm Story $2
Momotaro Dengeki 2 $1
Yu Yu Hakusho $1
Lagran Heroes $1
Winners Hose $1
Amakudari Doitsu hen $1
Nekketsu Soccer $2
Nekketsu Kunio Kun $4
Makihao $2
Kanjime Monster $1
Mini 4 Boy $1
Qix $2
Tramp Collection GB $2
Hyper Lode Runner $3
Super Mario Land $2
Super Mario Land 2 $2
Wario Land $3 (SOLD)
Doraemon $2


Picture Here:

Rodland $50. New in box, looks like its never been touched!
Joy Mech Fight $20.  Cart is like new, box has some crush damage on right side panel.  Manual is OK but has minor wear.

Super Mario Collection $10 Box is nice, no crush damage, only a bit of corner wear.  Cart is like new.  Manual has bene used and is worn.

Hikaru Genji Roller Panic $5. Box is a bit scratched.  Also I don't have an FDS handy, so the disk hasn't been tested, so selling as is.  
Picture here:


Bump.  Decided to completely re-open the store!  Priced to sell, please take some of this stuff!


I am back everyone :)


Quote from: tonev on April 26, 2019, 01:42:44 am
Photo links are not working :)

Whoops, thanks for pointing that out!

I think I fixed it!  I haven't put photos on a forum since Photobucket started charging insane prices, so am re-learning how to do this!


I am back everyone :)




Are you able to send to the Netherlands?
I will make a big list of the games i want in that case.
These are terribly hard to find in Europe. And i love those wonderful colors!



Thank you Senesi Man, I bought a big bundle of games too, my favourite person to buy from if I'm honest.
My for Sale / Trade thread


Thanks, always a pleasure!

I will be updating the sales list soon, I broke open a couple more boxes of FC and SFC carts and will try to list them this weekend if I can get the time.

Moebius78 - yes I do ship to the Netherlands, the cost is the same as for the US quoted above (1 dollar per cart).


Still waiting on my order. Snail mail takes way too long when it's something you're looking forward to. :(

Can't wait to see the update!

Jedi Master Baiter

I really love the Bomber King artwork, but I read on Video Game Den that it's even harder than the U.S. version, which is a nightmare. Anyone know for sure?


Update complete!  I added:
FC carts
SFC carts
Puck Man portable
SFC controllers

About Bomber King, I've never played the US version but can confirm that the Famicom one is hard!



PM Sent sir! Glad to see you back and I hope you've been well  :)