Fuuun Shourin Ken-Ankoku No Maou (value question)

Started by unoclay, January 22, 2020, 06:15:46 pm

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I'm curious. I picked up a copy of Fuuun Shourin Ken-Akoku No Maou from an ebay auction.  Its a disc-rewrite copy, not an original disc (seller didnt know what it was, just labeled it "Jaleco").  It lacks any original paperwork or box.  The game was rewritten over the game "Replicart"--the labels are still on it, but FSK-ANM is definitely on both sides and playable.

Essential question--is there any "value" to having a rewritten copy of this (rare-ish) game?  Everyone knows its not a very good game.  it DOES have the 3D effect for use with the 3D glasses, but the game is so @#@!@ing hard (and im not terrible at games) that you can barely appreciate it before you're dead.

Just curious.