Nintendo Switch Pro Controller D-pad Revisions

Started by P, June 20, 2019, 03:58:24 am

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The Pro Controller D-pad for Nintendo Switch has gotten a lot of criticism, and I haven't really understood why until more recently.
I always thought it was perfectly fine and I played both several 2D arcade games and Famicom games on the Switch without any trouble. Then when I tried my friend's Pro Controller playing some 2D game I noticed it was absolutely horrible, I kept pushing diagonals by accident making the d-pad almost useless. Later I played with my Pro Controller again and it was still perfectly fine. Apparently there are different versions of the Pro Controller. Hopefully Nintendo have fixed the problem on newer controllers. I bought mine in Japan sometime in December of 2017 and my friend brought his sometime in November 2017.

Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone knows if Nintendo fixed the d-pad on newer controllers?

I have to say another thing regarding my Pro Controller though.
Although my controller is much better than the faulty Pro Controller, and plays fine in most 2D games, there still seems to be some problems with it. It's noticeable when you play the free online game Tetris 99. In this game, pressing up will do a "hard drop" (instantly dropping a tetrimino) and when you are in a pressed situation it's easy to accidentality press up when you mean to press left or right. My firend's controller is absolutely useless in Tetris 99 as you do hard drops by accident all the time, but even my improved version is pretty bad. The accidents doesn't happen too often on mine, only when you are in a pressed situation, but the fact that they happen at all is catastrophical in Tetris.

So for games like Tetris 99, the Joy-Con with their separate G&W style d-buttons are a much better choice since they never make you make any accidental presses.


My Pro's d-pad is fairly unreliable. Maybe I'm just being a little careless with my inputs, but mine commonly registers my UP input as a RIGHT input. I got mine when I got my Switch in May 2017. Wish they would have just carried over the tech from the Wiimote D-pad or the Wii's Classic Controller, those are the most recent I can remember that were actually good. I guess the Wii U gamepad's wasn't too bad either, but I didn't use that one nearly as much as the Wii's.
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I can confirm this but never knew it would be that much of a problem. I have the old model and was trying out the recent Tetris 99 tournament. I made the quick-drop mistake dozens of times, and switched to the dual Joycon in a grip option. My friend just bought a new Pro and the D-Pad feels drastically better, but keep in mind the problem isn't fixed, just not as bad with the revision.


Thanks, it's good to hear that other people also has the same experiences. I guess I was lucky that I bought mine just in time for the partly fixed controllers (December 2017), although it's still a problem with it.

I've seen various fixes to raise the d-pad from the board a bit makes it better, but I don't know which version it was for.