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General 64DD thread

Started by boye, July 03, 2019, 07:07:32 am

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Post anything related to the 64DD here, whether it's info, your opinions on 64DD games, etc.



As a general rule of practice, please stop making new threads unless you have something to add.  We don't need multiple branches of category, just for the sake of it. 

Simply making new threads and sections of the website / forum is just unnecessary and is starting to annoy people, I would have thought this is pretty obvious by now...

There are already websites and existing destinations online like 64dd.org for an offshoot like this, does the board really need it? Fair enough if you've something to share.

But the creation of multiple new threads just 'because' is really starting to grate, and I have to ask you to stop as we're getting multiple complaints about it already.  Thanks.
My for Sale / Trade thread


Thank you, L__E__T. Feel free to do what you like with this thread.

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The only worthwhile game I remember (besides Sim City 64) was F-Zero Expansion Kit.

That game is able to play on an EverDrive 64, but I believe saving tracks,or anything, is an issue.


Is this FamicomWorld, or BoyeWorld... Seriously dude just stop