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July 18, 2019, 08:29:28 AM
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Author Topic: jjaeheee  (Read 278 times)
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« on: July 06, 2019, 12:56:29 PM »

I'd never thought I'd have to give a bad feedback again. But here we go. It's an extremely long story, it started in 2010. I tried to sum it up to the essentials but as you'd guess this means small, salty, details will be missing.


I was young and intrepid, in my search for unlicensed cartridges I contacted a South Korean nick-named jjaeheee, after noticing their posts on ruliweb which featured a lot of unlicensed cartridges.
I started buying duplicates from him as he agreed.
Eventually there would have been a list and a few others would buy frequently from him, from late 2010 to 2014 or so.

"Sungryong" (Teresa Ehn/Goldwing/etc.) contacted me to get this person contact details. As I'm nice, I passed his details.

I kept frequently buying cartridges from him as he was updating the sales list monthly. In the process, I did resell about 4 cartridges in 2011, that came from jjaeheee. I made ZERO benefit. I bought them at $15, shipping not included. I listed them at $45 shipping INCLUDED. Which means +$27 to the price. The missing $3 were consumed in the paypal fees & original shipping costs.

Goldwing saw this as an opportunity. He tried to convince jjaeheee that I was an asshole, reseller, everything. Invoking things like "between Korean we have to help each others".  Obviously the end goal was just to remove a buyer.
I was unaware of this. Goldwing just got to obtain to see the sale list first so he could pick what he wanted.

Late 2011-2012:
Goldwing scammed me in a trade. You all know the conclusion to this episode.

I offer some stuff for sales, he refuses saying he's only looking for cartridges with the typical Korean mold and will not collect others.

I bid a lot of money on a few hard to find cartridges I see on auction here & there, I always loose due to one mysterious anonymous bidder with no apparent nickname. I figure it's not him since these cartridge have either Taiwanese or Thai shells and so that's not what he wants.

Late 2016:
I tell him I have an opportunity for a certain cartridge but informs him that the seller has no fixed price and that he has to offer one. First price is refused. He gives a second offer, much higher but backs out eventually.
He choses to raise his prices at this moment. I get confused as I was selling him stuff for the same prices as he did (or nearly the same), even sometime at loss. I complained (especially as we had a deal going on). But I gave up and agreed to pay his new prices.

2017, January:
Jjaeheee sent me a $470 parcel, which was lost during processing in Switzerland before delivery. It's the very first time it happened to me.
At the end of January, I inform him of the apparent loss and beg him to fill in for a parcel investigation from Korea (only the sender can start it).
As usual, the tracking information is different between Swiss Post & Korean post sites (as usual, the country the parcel is in has more updates on the said country's postal site). Except that the Korea Post checks their tracking which says the parcel is at the border point while Swisspost' indicates the next processing step at their huge sorting facility.
Follows from here a back & forth asking him to show the Swiss tracking to the Korean post.

2017, March:
I request from Swisspost an attestation of loss due to the obvious complication. On their end, they also inform their colleague of the Korean Post to proceed to the compensation next time the sender asks for it.

2017, May:
I ask for once last attempt at getting a refund. It's accepted and he returns me $45 which corresponds to the declared value & shipping cost. I made a mistake here, I ask if he's willing to share the cost of the loss of (1/3, he gets to keep 2/3 of what's been paid). From there he goes on a rant that it was lost in Switzerland and so it's my nation responsibility hence my responsibility in the end. After a lot of small talk and other dubious remarks.
It went nowhere. Rather than fill a paypal pursuit, I chose to not do anything. Alright. I should have been an asshole, like most people and fill in a complaint.

2017, July:
I realize I've been bidding against him on some auctions (his nickname & agent name were different & I couldn't know since he wasn't showing anything at this point).
I offered to stop bidding, to avoid stupid bidding wars, in exchange of photos of said items, he refused.
I did not bother to bid, by the way. He got the said items thereafter for extremly cheap, less than $10.

2017, August:
I find from another seller one of the game I wanted that was lost in the parcel. This time boxed. (Kkachi-wa Norae Chingu) I buy it and dump it.
=>I'm getting accused again that I did get the parcel and faked the loss of it.

First quarter of 2018:
I point to him a listing for one rare cartridge which he lacks. He buys two copies which end up being both defective. I offer to have them sent to Krzy to have them repaired. Krzy repairs it in a slightly long time frame (had to obtain pieces from China). Jjaeheee couldn't handle this slightly long delay (5 months) and accused me of taking the cartridge as an hostage. This is getting ridiculous. The cartridge was returned just fine by the way, repaired for free.
I had offered him, back in January that he kept one of the cartridge and have only one repaired at the time, which he refused, by the way.

October of 2018:
I sold him one last cartridge.
All seemed okay at this point, beside that I shouldn't look for more cartridge for him.

December 2018:
He starts to write rants on me on paramsx.

Out of timeline:
I was selling him cartridges frequently for a mean prices of about $20/unit, usually at cost with zero profit.

During those 8 years, I always sent him photos of newly discovered cartridges for his lists. He stopped doing so to me in 2013 or so (but it was silent & slow, so I rather figured he wasn't finding).

State of things, now:
Goldwing, which complained about me reselling for profit (a huge lie) sold everything for profit.
Jjaeheee has posted six rants about me with my details on paramsx, a gaming community in Korea. He selected only a sample of mails, removing most of the context and trying to pass me as a gunman, white supremacist among many other dubious accusations.
His rants also target two others FamicomWorld members: mt777, NintendoKing who did business with him in 2017+. To whom he spent huge amount of money.
He's accusing them & me of having teamed up to scam & extort him. He spent $7700 at NintendoKing, complaining about being poor now.
He anonymised all his mails as well as Goldwing's but not mt777, NintendoKing nor mine.

I have never met nor discussed with NintendoKing before March 4 2019. At this specific date he requested a trade with me for two cartridges on gbx.ru but since we had never dealt before, he was cautious enough to ask me to prove I was MasterDisk on FamicomWorld.
I am naive and way too nice to people.
I have never touched a gun and never will (since I'm being accused of being a gunman and owning them).
You're the sole responsible for being in the situation you are now. It's not by faulting others & making up theories about the world being against you that things will get better.
If you choose to not tell you're bidding on specific items, do not get surprised that other people will bid & price will be high. You're the sole person responsible for paying high price, again. Don't put the fault on others.
Nationalism makes people stupid. You trusted someone claiming about being Korean (Goldwing) while it was a complete lie. And seemingly you still trust him while you know he sold everything for profit. See the truth rather than fooling yourself with lies.
I give up multicart collecting, too many low-blow.


Please find attached a complete report with all e-mails from Aug 2015 to now, properly anonymized unlike what he did on the Korean web. I couldn't export a properly timelined file. Attached are first all the e-mails he sent to me "A.txt" and all of the ones I sent "B.txt".

Finally, a photo of some items that lead to this complete fiasco. Left is the boxed KKachi-wa I got, which replaced the loose one sold by him that went missing. JY-052 I bought from him which I was accused of reselling by Goldwing and finally Captain Hook which I got accused of reselling to some Russian (NintendoKing)? which in turn someone offered back to him (it must have been another copy).
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« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2019, 02:33:06 PM »

I modified MasterDisk's post as he requested.  Replies have been deleted, but I do have backups of the thread.  If you missed all of the replies, then just move along Grin

FYI, we do not allow users to edit their own posts in the Feedback thread in order to prevent accusers from saying one thing and then removing it before the accused can properly respond.  It also stops a user from deleting past feedback (like if you had 3 good transactions and then 1 bad, you can't go back and edit/delete your 3 positive feedbacks).
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