For Offer: Famicom pirate cartridges

Started by pirate, October 12, 2019, 01:46:32 pm

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October 12, 2019, 01:46:32 pm Last Edit: January 10, 2020, 04:08:00 pm by pirate
Offers welcome especially for more than one cartridge.

Payment methods:

Paypal: Gift payment only, PayPal fees paid by buyer
Amazon Gift card: No extra fees, limited amount accepted.
Payoneer: No need for membership, you can make payment via your credit or debit card. %5 discount on total amount.


I only send via registered airmail with tracking number. Up to 2 kilograms, 1 cartridge $8.00  plus $2.00 for each additional one.

Super Mario Bros 6.
Ninja Brothers (Snow Bros)
Boat Duel
TMNT  Tournament Fighters
New Ghostbusters 2
Power Rangers $
James Bond Junior
Double Dragon 3
Final Mission (shell slightly splitted from sides)
Robocop 4 (There's a small damage look like cigarette burn on the back)
Top Gun (Green cartridge no game name written on)
Hero Goal
Super Alaaddin 3 (Magic Carpet)
Mickey's Adventures  in Numberland
Chip & Dales 2
Chip & Dales 3
Super Mario 10 (Written New York Nyankies on label)
Double Dragon
Home Alone 2
Joe & Mac
Pocket Red
Adventure Island 2
Robocop 4 (Optimus Prime on label)
Zombie Nation
Felix The Cat (there's a crack on shell)
Mortal Kombat
Mario 14 ( cracks and broken parts on shell)
Mario 10
Top Gun