September 20, 2020, 01:31:02 am

gaming chair familiar?

Started by daver, May 17, 2020, 11:36:17 pm

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guys, anyone familiar with gaming chairs?? Which better to choose



This whole thread is very spam suspicious.  Not sure what makes any of those chairs better than any other chair, or a beanbag, or an arcade stool.  They're not your typical gaming chairs and see some terrible customer reviews on Amazon.

This is a small forum so I can't see anyone clicking these links and buying a chair outright based on a couple of posts.
My for Sale / Trade thread


These guys are definitely spam accounts.
I remember seeing all their accounts created in similar time periods, and look at them, they have similar usernames, similar writing style, and overall they just don't seem like legit users.

One of these users also promoted a VPN site:
Quote from: killiah on May 27, 2020, 11:16:57 pmI mainly play online games. But from time to time I have problem with access to some games. So I started to check vpn tool because vpn is important app now when you can not get access to some forbidden websites
There was another user who funnily enough tried to advertise a porn website. IIRC P called him out for doing that, and he deleted his account, or at least I think so because I can no longer find his post or anything related to him...


Probably a moderator deleted his account, post and my post calling him out as well.
I think these guys are real persons that sign up on various forums, makes some posts (usually in off-topic threads) in order to make them look more like normal users or just to unlock the ability to post links. Eventually they make a post with a link to whatever they are paid to advertise. Another pattern is to copy a post made a few years ago on another forum and make the post in order for it to look legit, then after a few people have answered, they edit the post and adds the advertisement link to it.


You know what else is sad though? Spam threads is the only activity existing on this forum...


I mean, that's easily remedied. It only takes one person starting a thread(or continuing an old one) to start a conversation again. Problem is that everyone's a lurker, for the most part. I'm sure they have their reasons.


Every forum has its lurkers, but other forums have a lot more people signed in, more people equals more chances of new posts every day, so the inactivity isn't as noticeable there as it is here.
Quote from: VegaVegas on June 20, 2020, 03:40:39 amYou know what else is sad though? Spam threads is the only activity existing on this forum...
This is true: Out of the 4,000 users here, how many of them actually post something every few months and/or they're not spam accounts?
Not to mention some people can get tired of someone that posts too often for some reason, even if they're actually adding to the conversation.


Yeah well it's a small forum, so that can't be helped. An English speaking forum that specializes on a Japanese version of a gaming system, that isn't even exclusive to Japan, is quite specialized. It's only thanks to the popularity of the Famicom/NES and its clones that such a forum has more than just a few members at all.

I used to think that Famicom World has a good balance of activity and calmness, but recently I've also been thinking that activity seems lower than normal. Probably some of the more active members are not here as often as they used to.