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Started by emerson, December 01, 2019, 05:02:30 pm

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While attempting to write mod my 3206 drive I noticed that the pcb was different than my 7201 pcb. There are a few transistors and passives missing, most notably around the magnetic head pin connector. I looked at the installation pictures on the tototek website for their mods and the board in the photo has those components populated. I haven't found any mention of these components missing in any write mod discussion I've come across so far.

Since I couldn't find schematics anywhere I decided to draw them myself and share my findings here.

The 3206 and 7201 boards have different numbering under the pin header that connects to the power board. The 3206 has '69-5810C-8' and the 7201 has '69-5810-5'. I'm assuming these are board revisions. I can't remember for sure, but I believe the 3206 drive came out of my fc twin while the 7201 drive came out of a standalone fds drive. The fc twin power board is labeled 'PWBF4785CEZZ' and the fds drive has 'FMD POWER-4' if it's any consolation.

Please let me know if you find any mistakes. Also, please share if you have a different 'model number' under the main pin connector and if there are any differences in the circuit. I'd be curious to see how many variants are out there.



Your welcome!

I noticed the pcb used in the 3206 write mod tutorial here on Famicom World is missing the passive components.


Very cool, thanks for the effort!