Microphone doesn't seem to work on rgb modded original famicom

Started by Rrobo, September 02, 2018, 07:56:50 am

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Hello i have recently purchased a pre rgb modded original famicom from oldskoolconsoles.com and have noticed that i can't hear anything from the player 2 controller microphone through my tv speakers
Now i'm wondering is this just how it is with rgb modded original famicom's or is my microphone busted?
Unfortunately i don't have any games that use the microphone yet since i'm new to famicom collecting so i can test if the games recognize sound from it and i'm just not hearing it
Any help about this would be appreciated thank you in advance  :)


Yes, is the RGB mod. Even certain AV mods are prone to disable the controller 2 mic.

As you can test it, just turn up the volume slider and the volume on the tv. Try taking something like a pen or such. Tap it on the controller lightly and if there is no sound coming out from TV = Mic has been disabled.

I have no idea how to reverse this or if can be prevented and still have RGB mod, but I know on AV mods there are ways around it to still have the mic activated.


It is possible to restore it but you may hear some humming noise again. Just cut away some audio resistors and route the audio track with a cable back to cart pin #45, you can use a filter cap to reduce noise, 22uf for instance. I can give more detailed instructions if needed

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread.  The NESRGB and those AV mods only disable the audible output of the microphone.  They do not affect its ability to be used as a game input, so you can still shout or blow into the microphone to kill the Pols-Voices in Zelda.
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Resurrecting old threads to contribute to them is encouraged.

But why isn't the microphone sound mixed to NESRGB output? Does it tap the sound from the wrong spot or skip the microphone mixing in some way? I thought expansion audio was mixed in last.

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The NESRGB mod for the original Famicom taps the CPU pins directly for audio and has its own audio amplifier on its RF module replacement board.  The microphone's sound input is mixed into the audio output after the CPU pins are mixed together.
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The microphone from controller 2 produces a lot of noise, this is why it gets castrated in many console mods


I guess the NESRGB is designed with the NES in mind rather than the Famicom. But I guess it's possible to tap the sound after it's mixed or it would be pretty useless.