Metal Force MMC3 Patch Released by Motzilla

Started by CloudGamerX, January 15, 2020, 12:30:29 pm

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I'm not sure if anyone else here knows this, but Modzilla released the MMC3 patch of Metal Force, some time ago.





Nice. The version distributed on NES carts uses a modified TSROM board to create a TKSROM cart with 256kib CHR rom support. Looks like he talks about that in the readme.

Do you know when this was released?
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Very long ago but he never made it public until recently since I reminded him about it. :P

And no, it does NOT use mapper 118 (TKSROM) at all. It IS mapper 4 (TSROM) but with single screen mirroring.
CIRAM A10 (MMC3 pin 10 bend up) is simply connected to GND.


I must have misunderstood something here because CHR A17 seeems to be connected to CIRAM A10, consistent with TKSROM
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That's not how it should've been though unless that's a different version.
Can you dump it using mapper 118? Because the MMC3 patch by MottZilla is mapper 4 with one screen mirroring (CIRAM A10 to GND and MMC3 CHR A17 untouched).