Metal Force MMC3 Patch Released by Motzilla

Started by CloudGamerX, January 15, 2020, 12:30:29 pm

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I'm not sure if anyone else here knows this, but Modzilla released the MMC3 patch of Metal Force, some time ago.





Nice. The version distributed on NES carts uses a modified TSROM board to create a TKSROM cart with 256kib CHR rom support. Looks like he talks about that in the readme.

Do you know when this was released?
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Very long ago but he never made it public until recently since I reminded him about it. :P

And no, it does NOT use mapper 118 (TKSROM) at all. It IS mapper 4 (TSROM) but with single screen mirroring.
CIRAM A10 (MMC3 pin 10 bend up) is simply connected to GND.


I must have misunderstood something here because CHR A17 seeems to be connected to CIRAM A10, consistent with TKSROM
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That's not how it should've been though unless that's a different version.
Can you dump it using mapper 118? Because the MMC3 patch by MottZilla is mapper 4 with one screen mirroring (CIRAM A10 to GND and MMC3 CHR A17 untouched).


Does anyone still have this patch? The download link on the website is down...

DJ Clae

Seconded. Does someone have the patch file? I think we should upload it to and credit Mottzilla for it.