Famicom Screw Size??

Started by kartkobain, February 02, 2020, 06:40:26 am

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 :-X what size are the screws for the base of the console? i cant find anything anywhere and am in need of replacements.


I'd also like to know. Do you have a caliper so you can measure diameter?
M4 is a common thread standard for these kind of things, so you might want to try with that and see if it fits.


No i don't unfortunately. I was most likely just going to take it to the local ace hardware and see what they say lol. I purchased it for 18 bucks and it came without the screws so somebody might have been tinkering around on the inside of it so I'm not even sure it works. iv ordered an original power supply for it but do you think that's the best way to power it? with the original cable with step up step down converter or one of the newer ones that make now that supposedly work for it. new to the community and figured this might be a fun project lol.

thanks again y'all.


I see, if you don't have any screws you have nothing to measure anyway. Unless you have a tool that is fine enough to measure the screw holes.

No I don't think the original power supply is the best way to power it. Those are around 30 years old by now and often faulty. In fact the two most common problems with Famicoms are dirty cartridge connectors and faulty power supplies, so if your doesn't work you might want to try cleaning the connector (and cartridges) and try a newer power supply as the first two troubleshooting steps. The problem with the power supply is that it needs to be centre negative and 10 V output. It's not hard to find a PSU with a reversible plug, but 10 V are not very common. And I've heard conflicting claims that a more common 9 V or 12 V would be fine.

Anyway good luck!


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Total length is 13.5mm
Length without head is 11.5mm
Width is 3mm
Head width is 5mm


It's the same screw that holds the PCB or power switch.


UPDATE: found screws for it, not the exact same but they seat well and have the power supply and proper cords. tested it with dragon quest and it works just fine. Now I'm just looking for some fun games that aren't very text heavy. Send some recommendations my way! Thanks everybody!