NESRGB failed install

Started by Koolhass, June 12, 2020, 10:02:10 am

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Hello guys! Unfortunately I was not so lucky doing the NESRGB mod. Once I was done, I turned on the console with an N64 SCART cable and all I got was a gray screen. I temporarily removed the mod and PPU, to place it directly on the motherboard to test if that was a problem. Unfortunately composite video also casts a gray screen. From what I've read, it could be that I have fried the PPU by desoldering it (I used a ZD-915) or even the CPU by mistake. What other thing i can try to find out the cause of my failure? I know I can get replacements for the PPU on Aliexpress, will I be able to find a replacement chip for the CPU if this is what I accidentally killed? Cheers!


By N64 SCART you mean a custom RGB cable? The 64 doesn't have any official RGB cables.
I thought the NESRGB mod uses an RGB cable with the XRGB mini-DIN-8 pinout? RGB mods for the 64 uses SNES cables AFAIK but there are two types with 12 V on different pins so you must be careful which you use or something may blow.

The CPU and PPU are both custom parts. If you find them somewhere they are either pulls or inferior clones for clone systems and I don't know if clones are even compatible with original systems. The main way to get one is to pull them from a broken system.

But you say grey screen, that should mean the clock is working at least so the circuit is moving. Check out this.