Dedicated FDS Flash Cart (photos)

Started by famiac, July 02, 2020, 04:57:55 pm

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Hey all. Just finished this fun little project:

It's a re-housed HVC-023 RAM adapter with an internally mounted FDSstick.

I had a spare RAM adapter PCB, so i bought one of these vertical replacement PCBs that are supposed to fit in MMC5 game cases.

Well, i didn't have a cable to go with the PCB, so, to make this useful for portable consoles or the toaster NES, i mounted an FDSstick internally and fitted the button + USB connector to the case. I also designed a label, which you can download (300dpi).

If you want to do the same, all i did was chop the FDSstick PCB and solder the RAM adapter internal connector wires to the test points on the FDSstick.

The wires in this photo follow roughly the same color coding as the original cable. Please disregard the grey wire. I was repairing a trace i had cut by accident.

Here is a picture of the cartridge in action:

Please post here if you have questions/comments  ;D
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Dude this is awesome! A few years ago this would have had these forums blowing up, I'm sure. Nice work. :)
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