Famicom RGB Mod Retro Tink comparison

Started by saimen10, September 10, 2020, 02:06:10 am

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Hello everyone,

I would be interested in a comparison of the picture quality of a RGB modded Famicom and a "standard" AV modded Famicom connected to Retro Tink. Can somebody provide some pictures or thoughts?

I have got AV modded Famicoms and Retro Tink so I wonder if the huge price tag of a RGB modded Famicom is really worth the difference. I never saw the picture of a RGB modded Famicom myself, but I think a AV modded Famicom with Retro Tink is actually a huge improvement.



Personally I just love how much the rgb makes the colors pop.  I never knew the blue moblins in Zelda had red eyes until I did the mod and it blew me away.  Composite will always look a lot more dull even if the retrotink does make it look slightly sharper you won't come anywhere close to the detail in rgb.  I'll try to do the comparison for you tonight if I have time between the two.