Playing SNES games on Super Famicom

Started by Rotorz360, September 16, 2020, 10:00:05 pm

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I was wondering if anyone can give me some input. I want to play SNES carts on my Super Famicom.
Im aware that can only be done via adapter or fabricating the face plate to fit the carts. As far as the adapter option goes I seem to be out of luck as all the ones i can find have some heavy price tags. For option 2 Im considering adjusting the face plate. I can not find any examples of this being done. Im confident i can go this route but would like an example so that I can do it in the cleanest way possible as to not make my SFC look ugly. So what Im really asking is if anyone can point me in the direction of an affordable adapter or possibly provide me with an example of successfully trimming the cart slot. Also I do not want to simply switch the pcb to a SFC cart as that would take away from the aesthetic Im going for.  :help: 


I would honestly suggest to just pick up a North American SNES model instead.
You can play both NTSC SNES and SFC games if you snap the system's plastic tabs, and even if you don't like the idea of removing those you can also get a SNES Game Genie, remove the plastic tabs on it, and play your Super Famicom titles while keeping your console intact.
The most cost-effective way of SNES games on SFC is to swap out PCBs but you don't like that...

And while I did found a thread where someone modified his SFC to play SNES carts, I think the end result looks odd: SNES cartridges are bigger than the SFC's cartridge slot, so he basically cut all the plastic surrounding the slot; not to mention if you have SNES games with a damaged shell (I have some and it's difficult to make them run on a SNES), I can't imagine the hassle it's going to be to make them work on that SFC.
In my opinion, too much trouble for something that can be done in much easier ways.


Thanks! I did come across that post during my search, just wish there was more pics. I do own a SNES I just like the look of the SFC more like a lot people do. My end goal is to make the SFC my main unit to play SNES/SFC games on. I think i will still attempt to do this,  :link: Would still appreciate any input from others.


Taking the US SNES card out of the cartridge and putting it in a SFC cart worked for me


That would work in a pinch if you just need to test a game, but I wouldn't want to do it every time I want to play a game, and I wouldn't want the boards to be left unprotected either.

If I had any NTSC SNES games I would probably just get a straight pin-adapter and play them on my Super Famicom that way. I wouldn't want to destroy the rounded cartridge slot and make a gap when SFC carts are inserted. I doubt I could do a clean job anyway.

The problem might be to find an adapter with all pins, including the outer ones used by Super Game Boy and certain games.
If it's cheaper, I would probably get an NTSC SNES (and snap the tabs). Not living in America, I have a feeling that would be expensive though.