Satellaview cartridge compatibility?

Started by MustardBubbles, November 08, 2020, 10:21:53 pm

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I bought a Satellaview cartridge along with a few ROM carts, but I have yet to test them.
My question is, am I only able to run the cartridge/ROM cart on a Super Famicom along with the Satellaview peripheral attached?
Or can I just plop it in my SNES (tabs removed) and play it?
I haven't been able to find a specific answer to this question, but I'm assuming the correct answer is yes to the former and no to the latter.
Though I've seen some images of the cartridge running on an Analogue Super Nt, but fat chance I'm ever getting my hands on one of those!


You mean a BS-X cartridge with those small EEPROM cartridges (8M Memory Pack)?

If so, I've also been looking for those (they are too expensive on ebay) and I also want to know how it works.
According to this video the BS-X cart does work without the Satellaview base unit. I tried it in bsnes-plus with the Satellaview set to unconnected, it seemed my individual data (name and gender) was cleared, so maybe it's stored in the base unit (as seen in that video the BS-X cartridge does have an SRAM chip and battery though so I'm not sure).

However you might want to get the contents on the EEPROM cart dumped before you run it, so you better try the BS-X cart alone with an empty cart slot. Some downloaded games has a boot counter and will get deleted by the BS-X BIOS if the boot count expires. With the right equipment you can also write the content back, should it get deleted.
The program is executed by going to your house and select the top-most option, then select the program on the EEPROM to execute (the second option is deleting a program so don't do that).

If you do try it, please report what happens! :) Is the town alive? Can you save your individual data? Etc.