Game Doctor SF7 (32 megabit + 64 megabit upgrade) plus floppy accessories

Started by ryanbgstl, November 19, 2020, 06:23:48 pm

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I'm selling a Game Doctor SF7 plus the floppy accessories needed to put stuff on it. I've been the only owner of this machine since I purchased it refurbished from in 2004.

In order to put software on the device you need to use ucon64 to first convert any ROM images to the GD3 format, and then use that same program to split them into 4-megabit pieces (i.e. 1 per floppy). It can also act as a passthrough to play Super Famicom games on a US model SNES.

The Game Doctor works with the vast majority of retail SFC/SNES games as long as they don't have any special chips (like Star Fox). It also works with the majority of patched/hacked/translated ROMs but there are a few exceptions (for example the fan translation of Seiken Densetsu works fine but the official released "Trials of Mana" translation released for Nintendo Switch seems to hang).

Note that the top lid isn't screwed down to the bottom of the case although this allows easy access if you need to replace the floppy drive or if you want to upgrade it to use a flash-based floppy drive emulator. It's never mattered to me in normal usage.

  • Game Doctor SF7 System
  • 64-megabit RAM upgrade (
  • 12V power adapter
  • USB Floppy Drive
  • 10-pack Maxell Floppy Disks

Price: $250 including shipping (to the United States via USPS Ground).

Payment via PayPal only.

If you're outside the US you can give me a postal code to provide an updated quote with international shipping.