Famicom Disc - FMD - POWER 05

Started by Ashj78, January 12, 2021, 07:46:52 am

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Hi all,

I have an old disc system which was dead when I got it. I cleaned the pins on the Ram Adapter and got the load screen and changed the belt successfully. But I get no power. I've tried batteries and a Megadrive supply (I'm based in the UK) and still nothing. I've tested the disc drive power board for continuity and I'm FAIRLY confident the capacitors are good. Anywhere else I should be looking? Can a defect in the adapter cause it to not power on? Sorry if this has come up before but I've searched the other threads and anything that seems similar hasn't had a resolution. Thanks in advance for any help!


Since you see the load screen, I doubt the RAM adapter is defective to the point that disks won't work at all (unless if the pins in the connector to the disk drive are dirty or something).

I can't think of anything obvious that you might have missed though, so the problem is maybe a bit more complex. Recapping might be an idea though.