Rare Epoch Super Cassette Vision?

Started by dado2095, January 30, 2021, 09:02:33 am

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A couple of weeks ago I bought a beat up  Epoch Super Cassette Vision because there was something "wrong" with it; usually the the controllers are red and blue (unlike the picture on the box, that displays both controller as red), but this console have both controllers in red!

I am not a SCV expert by any mean, but I've never seen something like this, and it doesn't look like somebody tampered it. For what I know the controllers are both red only in the advertising material.

Is there anyone more experienced than me who can give some more information on the matter?

Thanks in advance,


I know absolutely nothing about this but it looks cool!
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I second that! I only know some of its history and that it's using the CPU in console and ROM in cartridge (unlike the original Cassette Vision where each cartridge had its own ROM+CPU!). It was apparently very popular as a cheaper alternative to the Famicom until the Famicom boom.
Got to love these pre-Famicom systems having most buttons on the console rather than on the joysticks.

If it's that uncommon I guess it's possible that the blue joystick simply was broken and replaced by a spare red one. Replacing a joystick is probably not harder than on a Famicom (unless they are soldered to the PCB).
But it's funny that the box doesn't reflect the more common setup of a red and blue joystick. Maybe early versions were designed like this.


Update! I opened the SCV and I was wrong, somebody definitely opened it before me. it's way too clean on the inside and somebody marked the controllers plugs with different colours to distinguish them. Well, it's not a one of a kind thing, but it was fun to open it up; the insides are VERY compact!