Favorite Famicom music channel deleted :(

Started by R_Leo_1, February 21, 2021, 06:59:18 am

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Game-Movie(FC/NES) was probably considered a very small/unknown channel, but man they had like EVERY Famicom OST you could imagine, in good quality too, but it seems like the copyright hawks at Nintendo got them :( It's a real shame too I was always excited to hear an OST from some obscure FC game I hadn't heard of before. If anyone has a recommended channel that uploads stuff like this, I would be delighted to know.


I just tried to search their videos and yeah, they're gone.  :'(
They had uploaded lots of very obscure Famicom soundtracks, it's such a shame they left, specially because I listened to some of their stuff mere days before they disappeared. :(
As for alternatives for Famicom soundtracks, there's this new channel called GameQubit OST which has been uploading several of the obscure soundtracks Game Movie used to upload, although I don't like the way they loop the songs, sometimes they loop 5 second songs for like three minutes instead of looping 1 minute songs three times, but it's still better than nothing. You could also try Wiiguy's 8-bit Stereo but he's more focused towards NES games rather than Famicom.


Yeah I had been listening to them just the day before they were deleted. I had a great playlist filled with their music that I could listen to while drawing or coding. But thanks for the recommendations, I'll definitely check them out!