Famicom grey/purple on boot [Clean game FF1 example then it crashes]

Started by MrBrang, April 28, 2021, 11:51:40 am

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So I got Famicom and Disk system. I took apart ram adapter and cleaned it with q tip + 70% alcohol. My issue is if system moves or touch down on cart. System will crash. When I took apart the ram adapter and cleaned that issue was snuffed out so I thought. I got FF1  game and I need clean it to boot with alcohol. One time I was playing at start and I was in battle all of sudden game screen glitches. Boot no save. Now I reclean restart I finally hit lvl 2 and  game goes black. So my contacts are not clean right and causing reading issues right? What and how should I clean this is there a way to clean really well long term?


I assume you cleaned the console connector too right? 91% isopropyl is better to use as 70% can leave a residue when it evaporates. Put some on a mirror and let it dry to see what's left behind. If you use this to clean games, go back over the pin connectors with a dry qtip or whatever you use to clean this residue off.

Have you cleaned the drive head? Also check for rings cut into your disk. These are usually caused by dirty drive heads.

If other cartridges are quick to glitch when barely moving the console you may need to replace the pin connector.


I been using 70% but no more , I got some 91% I just cleaned a random Famicom game now  with it. I see barely and dirt on qtip just little gray.  Are we talking drive head is famicom disk system or just the system? I will reclean with 91%


By drive head I mean the disk system floppy drive head,i.e the read/write head physically touching the disk. I would imagine if games are loading without CRC errors your drive head is clean but a once over couldn't hurt.

It sounds like your problem is more a bad pin connector if games tend to glitch with any bit of movement of the console. Possibly it was stretched out from having a game installed and knocked around? If cleaning doesn't fix the issue this would be my next move.

Do you have any high current or inductive appliances like air conditioner, space heater, refrigerator etc on the same circuit as your famicom? Voltage drops could cause brown out conditions that would freeze the console. Also a potential short in the controller cable could cause this as well.