Box Protectors for Famicom

Started by krux77, May 29, 2021, 03:29:26 am

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Hi All,

Been lurking on this forum for many years, especially back in the day when I was actively collecting.

I have a decent collection of the first gen (small box) pulse games and also some (medium box) silver series and finally (big box) games (like smb).

In the past months I've been looking for box protectors.

For the bigger box games I'm sorted, but lacking the medium and small.

I like the thicker plastic variant if available? A seller in Europe or Worldwide shipping is fine.

I tested n64 cart only protectors for small box games from aliexpress but they are not snug. For silver series, it kinda works with snes cart only protectors but not perfect.

If anyone has tips on where I can get custom boxes intended for famicom games, please let me know.

i did search forum but didn't stumble on any interesting posts for this.

Also i have a bunch of doubles of some games if anyone is interested.

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Wow these look so nice. Sent you a pm.

I recently bought small box protectors from eBay but they are the folded plastic not the hard shell.

Here's the store if you're interested in those.


Do you have a listing of prices for your doubles? They look fantastic, particularly interested in Devil World and the Donkey Kongs.


I used to make them some time ago but found that I was losing money on it so I stopped that service!


HI All,

Sorry for the slow reply!

I contacted that person on ebay (see image) back in April, but only ships in the states, not Europe  :( .

Anyone else?

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Send me a private message, if you want I'll ship you some. The seller is in the same state as me.