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R.I.P. stealthlurker

Started by Ryo, June 06, 2021, 12:59:57 pm

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Rest In Peace Julius. I can't believe you are gone, You are the best retro game collector. I'll miss you forever. :'(  :'(



Oh no, that is terrible news, I am so sorry to hear about his passing. He was a valued member of the retro game community. He will be missed.


He was the guy with the outstandingly beautiful collection, right? I wish I had the chance to talk to him. My deepest condolences to his friends and family.  :(
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Yes he had a very good knowledge of the collector market for many video game systems at least so I suppose he must had a fantastic collection.
My condolences, rest in peace Julius.


I'm still reeling from the news that Julius passed away so suddenly.  I was hoping to get across to the States to spend a day talking to him in person and had wanted to for a long time but the timings didn't work out.

Extremely humble and personable, Julius has of course a ton of friends in the retro community.  Everyone knows him as a gentleman, a rare mix of incredibly humble and yet still superstar personality.  He had a lot of joyful charm.

There has been a collection on Just Giving that I think is now ended, and Julius' funeral is tomorrow. 

It must be incredibly hard for his family to deal with this on top of Covid restrictions. 

It will be streamed, but I don't know if that's a public invitation.  I have been trying to ask his sister Nina on facebook for permission to post it here.  I haven't heard back, but for anyone here - if you are friends with Julius on facebook, you will see the details. 

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So sad to hear, came into the off topic thinking about Byuu's sudden passing as well. Feels like life is closing in on my forum mates and I don't like it!  :'(

Rest in Peace Julian! :star:


Oh no! I just saw this now, but that is terrible. :'(  Rest in peace Julius.
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I'm bumping this up, thanks to technology I have another story from Stealthlurker that may or may not be new to you guys, but I stumbled upon it today and thought I would share it, as he was quite active in the community.

I'd been going through my old game blog the past few days, and looking through (and approving) comments that people had left on there (I basically abandoned my old blog in 2016, but as it still gets decent amounts of traffic, I have thought about redesigning it and then trying to update it regularly again). It was there that I found one from Stealthlurker. I'll post the text here, and then a screenshot as well, it brought a smile to my face reading his story. :)

Haha, nice story. Back in the late 80s and early 90s while we lived overseas (my dad was in the military) I used to visit such copy shops almost once a week. I would save up my allowance to buy blank disks. At first they were PC games, then Amiga games, and finally Super Famicom games when I picked up a copier. You'd go in the shop, open up a binder with lists of games and maybe ask what's new this week. I'd pick out a handful of games and they would let you try before you buy. Once you made your picks, their assistant (usually a lady) would copy the games for you.
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That's a nice story indeed, thanks for sharing. :)

From the sounds of it I suppose this was a shop that made and sold pirated copies, not one of those that sold legal copies that existed in Japan for various systems.


Sounds like alot of people cared about you. I dont know what it means but I got love for everyone floating out here and if you like retro, you're my kinda person. hang tight, and remember the rest of us, we love you too.