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Hello everyone! Welcome to the *NEW* and *IMPROVED* fcgamer game shop! Shipping for loose carts is about $6 for 1-2 cartridges. All items ship from Taiwan. If you want more pictures or have questions, feel free to ask. Also all prices are negotiable, and I can offer discounts when purchasing multiple discounts.


Smash T.V. - $30

There's some damage on the box, looks pretty good though. Includes box and game, legit Japanese version.

Rushing Beat - $30

A licensed Super Famicom brawler, this one comes CIB.


NBA Hang Time - $10

Bootleg game. NBA Hang Time was never released for the Super Famicom, but as you can see, this bootleg version was made for Super Famicom machines. Sort of neat!


NBA Hang Time - $15

Same as the above, the game was never released on Super famicom but here it is, a Super Famicom version! This one also includes the game manual.


der Langrisser (A) - $25

Bootleg game for Super Famicom. Includes the box, cart, and manual.

der Langrisser (B) - $25

Same as above, though a different copy of the game.

***NINTENDO 64***


Pilotwings 64 - $20

This is the official Taiwanese (ROC) version of Pilotwings 64.


Tamagotchi World - $5
Kirby - $5



3 in 1 - $10
Golden 10 in 1 - $12

Super Sports 10 in 1 - $12

Boxed Mega Drive multicart.

image1 image2


Action 52 (Taiwan Version) - $25
Gunfight 3 in 1 - $35
Feng Kuang Tao Hua Yuan - $25
Feng Kuang Tao Hua Yuan - $25

Virtua Fighter 2 - $20

Unlicensed original for the Mega Drive.

SoulBlade - $20

Unlicensed port of the fighting game of the same name.

Power Rangers - $25

Unlicensed original Power Rangers game for the Sega Mega Drive.


San Guo Zhi (Three Kingdoms) (Official Chinese Translation) - $25

Ambition of Caesar (Official Taiwan version / Chinese Translation) - $40

This is one of the few games that got an official Chinese translation for an official Taiwanese release. It's sort of an odd pick, the other game being Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which I also have for sale in this thread.


San Guo Zhi (Three Kingdoms) - $10


The "Hitler" Game (Operation Europe) - $15

I remember looking this up before, I think it's Operation Europe. Everything has been translated into Chinese.


Nobunaga no Yabou Haouden - $15

This is an unofficial Chinese translation of the Japanese game, Nobunaga no Yabou Haouden.


Volleyball - $35

Rare Sega Mega Drive cartridge containing the Master System Volleyball game!


Lico Cartridge - $15



Smash Court (Asian Version) (Sealed) - $35

This is Namco's Smash Court for the PlayStation. As the sticker shows, it's a Japanese version game that has been officially distributed in Asia, as an Asian release. This item is sealed.


Dance Dance Mouse - $25

This is an unlicensed original PlayStation game. You will need a modded machine to run this.



Death by Degrees (ASIAN VERSION) (SEALED) - $30


Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (no manual) - $5

Ridge Racer V (no manual) - $5

Gungriffon Blaze (no manual) - $5



Crimson Skies (TAIWAN VERSION) (SEALED) (NFR) - $30


Ogre Battle Gaiden (CIB) - $30

Samurai Spirits - $25
Melon-chan no Seichou Nikki - $12
Melon-chan no Seichou Nikki - $12
Melon-chan no Seichou Nikki - $12



HTH 4 in 1 - $25

This is a Game Gear game manufactured by HTH. They were a Taiwanese company that took Sega Master System games and released them on Game Gear. This one has four games on it, Hang-On, Astro Flash, Great Baseball, and Pit Pot.



Magical Puzzle Popils - $100

Licensed game for the Game Gear. The front cover is bleached and there's some small damage to the manual; however, things overall look pretty nice. Huge discount on this one due to condition, it's a steal!

Sonic 2 - $5
Yuu Yuu Fighter 2 - $5
Batman - $20
Sailor Moon - $18




San Guo Zhi (Three Kingdoms) - $25

Very nice bootleg of Three Kingdoms, translated unofficially into Chinese. The manual for this is also entirely in Chinese, and it is thick! Very high quality.

Pocket Monsters Emerald (Chinese Translation) - $12
Pocket Monsters Emerald (Chinese Translation) - $12
Pocket Monsters (Chinese Translation) - $6


Rockman 3(?) and Yuu Yuu Fighter Multicart - $15

The box is not in the nicest shape, iirc the two games are Rockman 3 and Yuu Yuu Fighter.



Game King Games - $5 each

[The first cartridge is a multicart with Seafight, General, Soldier, and Sertercel. The second cartridge is a single cartridge of Sertercel.


Dream of the Red Chamber - $30

Here's a PC game based around the awesome Chinese masterpiece, Dream of the Red Chamber. There's some spotting on the manual, though the package doesn't smell particularly musty or moldy. There isn't any cardboard insert for the box, the one I have for my own collection is the same way, suggesting that the company may have just cheaped out on costs at one point.

I like all the artwork in the booklet.

Star Wars: X-Wing vs Tie Fighter - $25 or best offer

This is the official Chinese version of the game. No idea on the value, but computer software from this era is really hard to find over here.

Sadly the package is missing one of the CDs, so it is being sold *as is*.

IBM / Apple II / Other Joystick - $10

No idea on the value on this, have no way to test it either, as this is definitely out of my personal area of expertise. Maybe it's a steal, maybe it's junk, that's for you guys to decide. :)


Kirby Cartoon DVD vol. 1 - $15

For those who love Kirby, this might be for you. Its a DVD set containing four (4) disks, of Kirby cartoons. This was licensed by Nintendo and Hal for the Taiwan region.

Pokemon VCD (A) - $10

Nice little VCD of Pokemon, officially licensed by Nintendo, for the Taiwan market.

Pokemon VCD (B) - $10

Another nice little VCD of Pokemon cartoons, for th



Wii Sports Resort (Taiwan version) - $5

Sadly this is disk-only, but it's the official, localized Taiwanese version of the game.

Wii Fit - $12

Here we have Wii Fit for the Wii. This is the official Taiwanese version of the game, has the box and disk.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - $35

This is the Taiwanese version of Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii. Included is the box and disk.

***HU CARDS***


These are bootleg Hu Cards. Some of them look like they have some corrosion and what not on the pins. I do not have a machine to test these on, so they are being sold *as is*.

The price for one card is $35, take all four for $110. These are rare and unique, so I personally believe that they have value, whether they are functioning or not. I don't mind hanging onto them but as they are duplicates, I thought I'd offer them to everyone here too :)


SD GGeneration Gather Beat - $5


Rakuraku Dinokun Virtual Pet - $20


Not sure if this is an official Japanese one as the package suggests, or if it's a knock-off. Brand new, though I tested it to see if it worked, and also removed the battery.

MiWi - $10

This is one of the various MiWi variants, it seems to have been imported (made?) by a company about twenty minutes north of me. The machine works, there are games built inside, the only problem is I don't have any controllers to pair with this one.


Frogger Stickers - $10

Authentic, MIT (Made in Taiwan)!

Old, Yet New Pokemon Model - $15

Here's a fun little Pokemon model dating from around 1997 or so. Brand new, waiting to be assembled.

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