Let's talk about clone systems with HDMI

Started by Bebop, July 16, 2017, 06:17:44 pm

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Yea same for me, i am not a "purist" either and like some of these chinese cheap clone systems even if they have some flaws ;D


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Not the best picture but i took it fast from a crappy samsung note 2 on 100" projector screen :)
I take better picture later with a better camera on a led screen :)

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Famicom logo on ;D


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Thanks :) :) :)

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Branding logo on, the logo are not 100% accurate but good enough :)


Thanks :) yea it ended up pretty good i think :)


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Even though I now own the high end clones and consoles like Super Nt, Mega Sg, Hi-Def NES and a original 1chip Snes I still like to play around with cheap clones. 

In the beginning of this thread we talked about the cheap hdmi Nes clones and I am gonna do a follow up and start with the Nes ones.

Its kind a funny after testing the three clones the ugliest and the cheapest one looking Nes clone have the sharpest picture and have in my opinion best colors is the Hamy 8-bit hd and its the only one of these cheap hdmi clones that can be used with the Everdrive N8 but not without some issues.

*Poor sound(no bass).
*Castlevania 2 and 3 sounds horrendous.
*Some games have some minor sound issues(Batman).
*Some games glitch out and freeze in the middle of gameplay(sometimes).
*No Save State function on ED N8(In game saves works fine with no problem)
*And of course no expansion audio.

Why this clone can be used with the Everdrive N8 and not the other two ones is because the RetroN 1 HD and the RES+ have the duty cycles reversed.


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A follow up to the SUPER HD SFC GAME snes clone with hdmi.

Have now bought the NES and GB/GBC extension converter so you can play NES and GB/GBC games through the HDMI on this SNES clone and I must say the picture are surprisingly very very sharp, even sharper than the Nes hdmi clones i have post about earlier.

The GB/GBC converter is similar to the Super Game Boy and instead of a Game Boy hardware inside it is lol the GB Boy Colour hardware(the chinese Gameboy Color backlit clone)
Sadly not in Gameboy's correct aspect ratio but at least in 4:3.
Runs good and sharp and sounds good, no black borders on the top and the bottom.

The NES converter runs only in NTSC even though you have a PAL/NTSC switch on the console itself and it's because in this adapter it has a NES-on-a-chip (NOAC) inside that is NTSC.
Sadly the duty cycles are reversed so the mario coin sound sounds distorted and because reversed duty cycles no NES Everdrive works but the Castlevania 2/3 sound sounds ok.

This converter's works on other SNES systems...but sadly not through the built in AV/Hdmi connection from the console so you need to use external AV cables.
Picture through HDMI or the internal video output only works on this SNES clone and on their Retroad 5+ Plus Snes handheld.

It would be interesting if somebody could figure out why you can use this converter's through the HDMI on this clone and no others and maybe the cartridge could be modded and be used on other HDMI Snes consoles?

There is also a Famicom and a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive converter but i think the sound from the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive converter did not sound clear so i skipped that one, maybe i am gonna buy the Famicom converter.

Short video demo's with the converters.

SUPER HD SFC GAME Snes hdmi clone with the GB/GBC converter(Zelda intro).

SUPER HD SFC GAME Snes hdmi clone with the GB/GBC converter(Zelda).
(Ignore the bad game play, i am playing with one hand and filming with the other😅)

SUPER HD SFC GAME Snes hdmi clone with the NES converter(Mario).

SUPER HD SFC GAME Snes hdmi clone with the NES converter(Turtles).

SUPER HD SFC GAME Snes hdmi clone with the NES converter(Contra).

SUPER HD SFC GAME Snes hdmi clone with the NES converter(Castlevania).

SUPER HD SFC GAME Snes hdmi clone with the NES converter(Blaster Master).

SUPER HD SFC GAME Snes hdmi clone with the NES converter(Samson).