The Miyamoto autograph that got away...

Started by nintendodork, September 21, 2021, 09:30:06 pm

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I've been on a Game & Watch kick lately and came across this blog post from 2012 in which the guy unknowingly erased Miyamoto's signature from a Game & Watch he got on eBay for $20. Look at your own risk. I wonder how often he gets people hitting him up about this. His only response in the comments is total denial. I don't blame him.  :crazy:
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Ouch! If it was real (and it looks real to me) he scrubbed off a big sum of the value.


Haha, haven't seen that blog post in a while.  I think it's a fake, personally.

How is your G&W collection looking?


Oh my god, that is hilarious, but also insanely hard to watch.

Its true that sellers sometimes don't know what they have.  7 years ago I bought a big pile of cheap Famicom carts on Yahoo Auctions (I miss the days when that was possible) and found a copy of Adventure Island autographed by Takahashi Meijin in it.  Its been one of the prized pieces of my collection ever since: