WTB - Golden 250 in One pirate multicart aka "Powerful 250"

Started by satoshi_matrix, December 09, 2010, 09:14:13 pm

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December 09, 2010, 09:14:13 pm Last Edit: April 25, 2012, 08:25:16 pm by satoshi_matrix
Guys, I'm looking for a very particular multicart from my childhood. The cart I remember belonged to my friend's grandparents and is probably impossible I'll ever get his copy, but maybe there's hope out there one of you can find a copy!

Here's as much detail as I can give:

The cart is called Golden 250, though according to its menu it's Powerful 250 in One. It is distinctive for having a purple silhouette of Arnold Schwarzenegger on the left of the main menu.

It also has an original chiptune for the menu that I don't believe is featured in any game. The game eas released in both 60 and 72 pin versions. I don't care which version I get.

The menu music can be heard here (currently dead....come back 8bitcollective!!)

Here are several possibilities of what the cartridge looks like:




Here's a youtube video of it:

If anyone has this cart or can get it, please contact me. I've been looking for this pirate for years and years. I can buy or trade for it.


Hey bro haven't seen you on MSN so I could just reply here. I gave the word to my friends living down in South America so you never know! It might show up somewhere!
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I'm going to give this a gentle bump in case anyone has one of these.


But i can't see the pictures... thought i can look for 250 or 255 in 1 but how can I be sure this is the one you are looking for?
I am back everyone :)


bump. I'm still very much looking for this multicart from my youth.

Parodius Duh

Well its from NTDEC so if it was an NES style 72 pin your best bet is trying to find collectors from Mexico and Brazil that can help you out. Thats where NTDEC mainly released their 72 pin carts, hence why ur buddy had one, it prob came up from Mexico with someone and ended up someway somehow with ur friend.

NTDEC made games for the phantom system in Brazil (only 72 pin machine from South America as far as I know), and Mexico is just a bootleg country so obviously they were sold there too...


I own this (it's the 2nd one pictured) in a NTSC cart, but the label is on the rear of the cartridge, the front it blank.

It works (and actually has a lot of fun and unique games for such a giant multi cart).  It's also heavy as hell.

I might be willing to part with it, not really sure what it's worth.

(FYI, long time lurker here, I do post and have transaction history on the same username on NintendoAge) :)


Well ive been trying  to find out what this is ? and its  so rare that i finally know 
want to sell or trade it yes , it works good .
Have another one 191-1 supervision too know anything about this?

Please contact me trough here or email Deeds2meet@gmail.com


Pls help me about this game

Golden 250 Multicard

I dont know anything about it

I am from austria my english is Not so good sry


I have a copy of this cartridge if anyone is looking for info or pictures or video of the game playing