New Open Source FD3206 Modchip

Started by Stephen, July 27, 2022, 09:24:48 pm

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I've just released the source for an FD3206 "no wire" mod which is based on the existing wired mod's logic. This mod uses readily available ATF16V8B-15PU PLD chips.

You cannot see attachments on this board. You cannot see attachments on this board.

You can learn more about the project on my GitHub page. Please make sure to star the project if you like it. I will be making instructions available in the coming weeks which will detail the process of making this for yourself.


I never had a drive with that chip, but you never know. Thank you for your work!


Okay Am I blind again Stephen? I'm looking for your tutorial or is it on the github?


A tutorial on how to install or how to make the chip?

For anyone interested in the installation process, just watch these videos from my reference guide:
Part One: Enclosure Disassembly
Part two: Drive Disassembly
Part Three: Gear & Belt Disassembly

At the 1:53 mark of the third video you will see the control board for the disk drive. Refer to the photos in the first photo of this post for orientation.

More broadly, I'm not sure I recommend anyone try to install it by themselves unless they're 100% that it's within their skill level. I know there are folks who will be surprised by this advise but I've made plenty of tutorials in the past and continue to receive salty messages from folks who made mistakes because the tutorial made them over confident.

As for burning the chip, you will need an EEPROM programmer that supports PAL (Programmable Array Logic) chips. After that you will find existing tutorials. If folks don't want to make their own chips I have about two dozen programmed and tested.

I can also provide installation service but frankly, I would be surprised if there's really that much demand to write entire disks :)


Sorry Stephen, I should of been more specific. I meant the programming of the chip, I have an Eeprom programmer but it has been a year since I used it. I used to update chips on pinball machines to newer codes for people so I'm a bit rusty on the file I have to use on your github plus finding a ATF16V8A-PU15 in Australia... On you Github it's the PLD file isn't it? Cheers