ASCII Turbo File Update Cart?

Started by portnoyd, February 02, 2023, 07:50:46 am

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Insane price aside, what am I looking at here? The way it's written up implies this is a RAM cart that updates Best Play Pro Yakyuu 1 & 2 to play with the '90 roster. I checked both Turbo Files for the FC and the second has a port on the side for a cart and it looks like the right size for this cart. Has anyone seen this before?


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You are right, there is a 30-pin card-edge connector in the back of the Turbo File II. I guess you mean ROM cart though? It appears it's a ROM with saved data that you can load to the game by connecting it via the Turbo File II. The ROM-RAM-switch seems to be used when you want to save to the Turbo File II's battery-backed SRAM but don't want to turn off and disconnect the data ROM cartridge. When loading from the data ROM cart it must be set to ROM.

Never seen this before, and I didn't know the TFII had this connector for adding additional data packs. It's an interesting concept thanks for sharing. :)