Super Mario Bros. (1993) Film

Started by Jedi Master Baiter, April 23, 2023, 08:37:49 pm

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Jedi Master Baiter

Anybody watch this recently? :bub: I probably haven't seen it in over 20 years, but every time I did, I enjoyed it (but then again, I enjoyed TMNT II: Secret of the Goo Ooze, but recently saw it and found it way immature, yet still entertaining).

A couple reasons I bring this up is: 1) the recent Super Mario movie made me think of this, and 2) I heard that there was an extended cut released that might better explain some scenes. Has anyone watched this? I'd like to revisit this film watching that cut.

Also, I found out about the sequel comic decades after I stopped caring about the cliffhanger ending of the film:


As I said in the 2023 film thread, I kinda liked the 1993 film, but probably mostly because I had really low expectations and it turned out to be a pretty fun steampunk-like film. Besides it has only good actors.
There are admittedly some scenes that seems rushed or unfinished (like when Koopa is pushed into a machine).

Miyamoto said something after the film was done that pretty much sums up my thoughts of it as well. He said it was pretty fun in the end and the only thing he criticized was that they threw in a bit too much Mario references in there. I agree and think there were a few Mario things that felt it didn't really belong and got in the way of the storytelling.

Wikipedia says there is an extended cut from 2021 which extends it by 20 min. I've only seen the original 104 min one.

I read that comic sequel when it was released but I didn't enjoy it as much as the film and eventually stopped following it. I might pick it up and read it again some time though.


I saw this in the theater when it came out.  I was so confused as to what I had just seen, haha.

As a Mario movie it's pretty awful, but as a weird 90s fantasy movie it's pretty great.