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Started by JC, August 20, 2006, 02:09:23 pm

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well, those are the basic's. Wheither or not it's like this "Unseen64" site, (what the heck it that?) That's all.


Both of which cite the Japanese site that posted the scans.  Which is really the entire reason I'm acting this way.  If you gathered information from a page, cite it.  Give credit where it's due.


Hey! Unseen64's a sweet site! I sould scheck it out more often~!


Like unused content in games? Well, is definitely a grand repository even showcasing odds-and-ends in games.


Quote from: klax on August 10, 2011, 12:02:06 pm
Hey! Unseen64's a sweet site! I sould scheck it out more often~!
I don't really see how you couldn't have known about Unseen64 if you hotlinked images straight from the website.  Generally someone like yourself who claims to have knowledge in this topic wouldn't just go to Google Images and grab a picture. They would know exactly where the picture came from.
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Who made the FDS emoticons? They're the only emoticons I've ever actually liked, and they're quite rad.


Jedi made most/all of them.


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Legend of Zelda (FDS)
The Legend of Zelda prototype comes on a white Nintendo development disk. Unusually, it lacks the usual labels of one of these disks, instead having a ZEL-B on the B-side of the disk, and no label on the A-side.
So I once shipped an item with SAK (Below Economy Airmail) instead of SAL or EMS. I had to retrieve the package from the Amazon rainforest. The system was a bit dirty, but still worked. Never ship anything with SAK, because they ship packages from JOS.