WTB: 1001 IN 1 (if exists)

Started by H4M573R, January 22, 2015, 08:03:56 am

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a multicart very important for me (is a huge part of my childhood).

strange multicart, because it has A LOT OF INSANE NAMES for variant games.

some clues:

-the classic sound effects menu from chinese multicarts
-the main game is street fighter yoko (no title)
-ninja kun has one live only
-super mario has a strange bug: select button gets picky to change mode into 2 players

there are few pictures of 777 IN 1, the multicart i am  searching  has a identical gamelist and label, except the number of games of course.

my 777 in 1 is damaged. i need a lot of time to get working under any console.



Apparently there are several variants of this same cart - 1001 in 1, 777 in 1, 666 in 1. It'd be nice to find a ROM file, but all I can find for now is pictures: