AV Famicom - wierd ghosting and vertical lines

Started by Hamtastic, February 18, 2024, 05:14:04 am

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Hi All, new here hoping someone can give me some advice.
I recently bought a AV Famicom in Japan, and on getting it home i've got some video artifacting, i've tried switching powersupply, and both a generic set to 9v and my MK1 Megadrive PSU give the same results.
TV is clean on other video input, so I think its related to the Famicom somehow!

I'm used to soldering, so looking to repair it myself, so need some idea of where to start.

Thanks all.


Never seen this fault before.

I would change out the filter cap,should be a 1000uF at 25v.


Nope, I have not seen that.
Broken trace somewhere? Faulty RAM?
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Thanks for at least taking a look.
I've picked up the caps for a recap and a spare PPU, I guess i'll see what works!
I'll post what I find out.



Finally had time to take a propper look and....
It was the TV /facepalm

I had completely forgotten the rest of my retro hardware uses RGB, so this was actually the first time i had used the composite input. Plugged it into my cheapo composite to HDMI adapter and bingo clean as it gets video.

I guess the moral of this story is, trust nothing especially things that work  :-[