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Started by fcgamer, February 25, 2022, 10:20:29 am

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Quote from: fcgamer on May 20, 2022, 09:44:37 pmHey guys just put Family Bits on sale for the weekend
Looks like it's time to pull the trigger. Can't wait to check it out!



This one's on sale indefinitely, if you haven't picked one up please do.

I'm looking into releasing a paperback version in the fall, but honestly hardcover is the way to go.
Family Bits - Check Progress Below!


Finally got it! FINALLY8)

Thank you Dave not only for the hard work but also for all the credits at the end of the book <pivo>

And the book itself... wow, man... it is truly a MASTERPIECE :fire:


I recently got FB III first, just because I've always had a strange fascination with multicarts! I'll definitely be getting FB I sometime very soon! If FCGamer sees this... where is FB II?!  :redcart:


Whaaaat? I didn't know there was another volume out.  It will be mine in five days or less :bub:


FB 1 arrived today (hard cover), and what a treat seeing my screen name in the special thanks in back of the book! No - Thank You, Dave! Can't wait to read it cover to cover like I did for FB III!


What happened to volume #2? I see Volume #1 and #3 on Amazon, but no volume #2. Little weird.