July 15, 2024, 10:19:49 am

Famicom Modem In Germany

Started by KirbyGod, June 01, 2024, 10:14:19 pm

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Does anyone know or have information on the famicom modem in Germany. It sounds really awesome. Online game play in 1988. Sadly, not much info out there.


Germany? No the modem was only released in Japan AFAIK. The Famicom was only released as the NES in Germany, that wiki looks fake or someone pranked it.


If you look at the edit history for that article,  some random IP address modified the article back in April 2023 and swapped in Germany for Japan, as well as a few other random wrong edits.  Just looks like trolling.  The prior version of the article is much more accurate.


That makes a lot more sense. Thank you.