100W Power Inverter (my latest project)

Started by 133MHz, December 05, 2007, 05:02:12 pm

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Hi everybody ;D!

A few days ago I finished my latest project. I built a small power inverter. Why build and not buy? The main reason is because I had most of the parts lying around, and as many know around here, I have a passion for electronics, so I wanted the challenge of designing and building it myself ;D.

An inverter takes 12V DC (from a car battery for example) and steps them up to 220V AC (mains voltage around here) so you can use your normal household appliances on battery power. Ideal to plug some lights and a TV during a power outage, or on camping trips, or even on the car (with a cigarette lighter plug).

A few days ago we had a power outage, lasted around two hours. I borrowed a car battery from my uncle, plugged a 14 inch TV and my Gamecube and spent playing with my sister until the power came back ;D.

I documented the process in pictures, check them out:

And yeah, that inaugurates my Flickr account :D.


Dang you do some cool stuff...what a good hobby to have: electronics. I wish I could develop an interest in it.


Thanks, JC ;D

It was also a test for my machining, cutting, drilling and painting skills ;). I learned a lot about that stuff in the process, not just electronics.


That is totally awesome!! Congrats on your latest project!
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woot. I took electronics back in highschool but I didnt do anything speical with it.