Scan Requests (label, cover art, manual, box, etc.)

Started by Atariboy, September 13, 2007, 11:46:03 am

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Request: Super Famicom SCAN RAW or BOX COVER 2 print!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Turtles in Time (J)
Amazing Spider-Man, The - Lethal Foes (J)


Hi there,
Does anyone have the scans' of the documentation of the Sharp Titler please ?
I just bought one but documentation is missing.
Thanks :) !



Along with the manual in the NES version of Legend of Zelda, there is a 'Maps and Strategies' pullout.

It looks like this:

I'm really interested to know if a similar pullout came with the FDS version of Zelda 1, or the 1994 Famicom Cartridge release.

If such a thing exists, I would be forever grateful for scans of this.

I'm researching for a project/video essay at the moment and this would be like finding the Holy Grail for me, hahah.

Thank you!


I can't see any of the pictures.

AFAIK the FDS versions did not come with a map, that was only for the NES.
There should be at least 2 FDS versions: a Disk Writer version with a fold-out manual and a retail version with a booklet manual (I heard some Disk Writer versions also had a booklet variant though). The fold-out is typically a monochrome and more compact version of the booklet, made cheaper since Disk Writer versions were often expected to be overwritten later by a newer game making the manual useless.

The ROM cartridge version however was released in 1992 (which is even after ALtP was released) and it does contain a Japanese version of the map.
The manual is also slightly changed. For example the Pol's Voice enemy is no longer said to be weak to sound (despite this weakness being implemented in this version of the game unlike the NES versions). It kinda sounds like they had planned to remove this feature and make them weak to arrows instead like in the NES versions (since it's probably the same ROM the NES version is based on), but that was not the case (and that would also mean they would have to change the Japanese text and confuse Japanese players who'd played the FDS version).

I scanned my version years ago and here it is: (Temporary link that lasts only 30 days, sorry about that!)
It's not the best of scans but everything should be fully readable. A few characters on the map were lost in the folds during scanning, so I've photoshopped them back in to make it readable. Again not a perfect job as the characters I've added are much darker.