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Started by the_wizard_666, August 01, 2006, 04:57:57 am

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Hey, do unlicensed NES games like the Sachens come in NTSC or PAL format, or neither, or both?


Nobody's got an answer to my question? In other words, do I list the Sachens as "NES NTSC", "NES PAL", or both, or just "NES"?



Quote from: JC on October 18, 2006, 05:48:46 pm
Hey, do unlicensed NES games like the Sachens come in NTSC or PAL format, or neither, or both?

72 pins Sachen games can be NTSC or PAL.  I have some Sachen games without a switch that don't work on my NTSC NES toaster but some that do work.   Later Sachen games have a switch that let you choose the region to make your NES compatible.  I bought 4 of my 72 pins Sachen games at a flea market here in Canada.  My other games come from France and UK but most of them come from Nes.god who bought them directly from Sachen.


Curious, jbholio. Well now. :-\

So, I'm working hard on the carts list. It's coming along nicely. I started off by using the Wikipedia list as the base, now I'm confirming, adding and changing the info based on the Famicom history book I've got, and the next step will be to confirm as much of the info as I can using info from carts, manuals and boxes. :P From there, some translations, which I *coughmanuel* might need some help with. :)


Carts list is 98% complete. In other words, it's pretty much as complete as it's gonna get. So, check it out. :-*

Next up is the disks list. :) Should be a lot easier since there's so few disk games.



Anyone got a list of FDS Hackers, Super Pigs and Mimis?


I have begun to add product ID codes to each of the games on the games lists. BIG THANKS TO ROCKARD FOR PASSING ME THE CODES! :) Right now I've filled out all the FDS games codes I know. If anyone has a code I can add to the list, please pass it along.


Begun to add ID codes to the carts list as well. Pass them along, pleeeeaaase. :)

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Hmm, what don't you have?

Gradius II: RC832
Yie Ar Kung-Fu: RC802

Space Invaders: 01

Tetris 2 + BomBliss: BPS-52


Thanks for those, Jedi. :) Added them.

To see which IDs I don't have, check out the games lists! There are a bunch missing. :(


I looked around, but didn't really see a thread to submit missing info for these lists, so I made one. If there is one, feel free to delete this thread...  my feelings won't be hurt, I promise.

Famicom Disk - Transformers II: The Headmasters Part Number = TFC-TFM


Topic merged. :)

Thanks, man. I'll add it to the list when I get a chance.

Still a bunch of info missing!


Here are some of the A's

Famicom Disk
Akai Yousai (Final Command)  -  Part # = KDS-AKA      Release Date = 05/02/88
All One: Famimaga Disk Vol. 3 -  Part # = GTS-ALC       Release Date =   02/22/91
ASO Maze - Release Date = 10/28/88