Games Lists (errors and additions)

Started by the_wizard_666, August 01, 2006, 04:57:57 am

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Jedi Master Baiter

Oh I see. ::) I searched 'Robot Gyro' then 'Robot Block' then just 'Robot' then 'Block' and after finding the Block Set I typed in 'Gyro Set.'

Now I see the distinguishment between the game and whole set, but you need the damn game to actually play with the toy! >:( Unless you're UglyJoe. :D


Yeah well it's not like they are sold separately. I've seen 3D-print files of the blocks, and I guess you could make your own using PET-bottle-caps for the blocks and a sponge for the Block Set hands. The gyroes and the robot are harder to reproduce.

Yup that's one of the coolest Family BASIC programs. :)

Oh BTW I looked up "koma" and it can also mean "spinning top", so I guess that's what they are supposed to mean and not pawns.