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Started by the_wizard_666, August 01, 2006, 04:57:57 am

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Oh I see. ::) I searched 'Robot Gyro' then 'Robot Block' then just 'Robot' then 'Block' and after finding the Block Set I typed in 'Gyro Set.'

Now I see the distinguishment between the game and whole set, but you need the damn game to actually play with the toy! >:( Unless you're UglyJoe. :D


Yeah well it's not like they are sold separately. I've seen 3D-print files of the blocks, and I guess you could make your own using PET-bottle-caps for the blocks and a sponge for the Block Set hands. The gyroes and the robot are harder to reproduce.

Yup that's one of the coolest Family BASIC programs. :)

Oh BTW I looked up "koma" and it can also mean "spinning top", so I guess that's what they are supposed to mean and not pawns.


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I was looking at the game list on this wonderful site for a project I have been working through since the fall of 2005 to watch or play through every licensed or unlicensed game accepted as part of a console library from the first generation of gaming through the 5th generation. I completed the first two generations and finished the NES list of the third generation, but am still working through the Famicom library which is massive. That and the Terebikko are the only two remaining third generation systems.

Anyhow I noticed in the database two potential errors. One is that the company Varie is spelled as Vaire for the game Parareru World. The second is that Great Boxing: Rush Up by Visco appears to be the Japanese counterpart of the NES release of Romstar's World Champ though no NES NTSC listing is shown in the database.

I noticed three games in the database are listed as Victor Interactive which is impossible since JVCKenwood Victor Entertainment created this entity after Pack-In-Video was merged with Victor Entertainment in 1996. These games should show as Victor Musical which is how the Famicom carts are labeled.


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Thanks for reporting these issues!

I have updated the game list accordingly.


Also did a little Spring cleaning since I was in there -- deleted three entries that were confused romanizations of games that were already in the list.

"M-Kara no Chousenjou (?)" was a duplicate of "Mei Tantei Holmes: M Kara no Chousenjou"

"Nakiri Yagyou (?)" was a bad romanization of "Hyakki Yagyou".  (The game's title is 百鬼夜行, which is set phrase.  But if you take 百鬼 on its own it can be the family name Nakiri)

"Suzugou (?)" was a bad romanization of "Jangou".  (Title is 雀豪.  While 雀 is apparently "suzume" on its own, it is also the second half of the word Mahjong; since this is a Mahjong game, it is intended to be romanized as such).


I was looking at Famicom Meijin Sen which has CNK listed as the publisher. I love mahjong and other board games. This game was actually published by SNK. It appears to be a typo. The developer name is missing which is Alpha Denshi.


Iron Tank: The Invasion of Normandy is the NTSC of Great Tank by SNK.  I also found the hidden programmer code of this game to be quite hilarious. Since it involves company staff using foul language to describe Nintendo I will not post it here but you can see it by following in the link which also shows the region differences.


I have updated those two game entries. Thanks!