FS: Famicom Disk System insert poster reproductions

Started by i heart yuna, January 12, 2008, 12:47:37 am

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i heart yuna

professionally scanned and laser printed on gloss 24lb paper.

$12 + exact shipping (no gouging) for the set of 8 posters. All are 8.15" x 11.6".

Will also take trades of equal value in exchange for poster sets.

PM me or email i.heart.yuna@gmail.com
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A related question: were these actually inserts? I've never found any that were folded to fit inside those tiny Famicom game boxes. I assumed these were handed out.

i heart yuna

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I'll buy a set, but for now I really need a scan of Mr. Disk by himself in the second space of the bottom row.  Please provide it!


Quote from: i heart yuna on January 13, 2008, 10:17:29 pm
They came with the FDS itself.

Just the Nintendo ones (those pictured above right)? Because nearly every game has a poster like these.


Wow sweet deal I will keep you posted if I can afford it lol
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I see some other posters in the picture there. Do you have other poster reproductions for sale as well?


These look great and I may pick some up soon.
Do you have any other posters that you could reproduce?
I also saw a few other Famicom game posters on eBay like Super Mario 3, Tetris, and Kid Icarus -- they are very nice looking.


I would love to buy a set. Can I have more info??

Can you PM your details and info and I'll send you PayPal (is that okay?).

Plus, I need to give you my details like address.


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I have a whole bunch of handbills, but I think any handbill collector will side against reproductions like this.
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