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Started by Doc, August 01, 2006, 08:35:01 pm

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August 01, 2006, 08:35:01 pm Last Edit: November 15, 2011, 07:44:05 am by UglyJoe
Some things to live by:

1. Post digging is allowed and recommended, as a lot of the good topics were posted when a lot of our members hadn't yet joined. Use the SEARCH feature!

2. Being active is a good thing, but don't be too much of a post-whore. Try not to take threads off their topic. Add something useful to conversations; none of those one-word posts, please.

3. While we know many aren't good spellers, we prefer that you not use intentional misspellings or any 1337 speak.

4. No images as part of your signature. You'll get a warning, and if things don't change, your account will be deleted!  No excessive text in your signature, either -- if it's too big, we'll make you change it!

5. You do not have to [/quote] a member's post if you are the first person to respond to it. In other words, don't read the latest post in thread and hit the QUOTE button. Hit the REPLY button. There are only two reasons to hit quote: either the post you want to reply to was posted previous to the latest reply or you want to pick out one phrase or sentence from a post, in which case you'll have to edit the quote to pick out that one phrase or sentence.

6. Fighting/flaming is done in a three strikes way. First strike is a warning, second is a day's ban, third is a week's ban. Anything after three strikes is discussed by the staff. We will not tolerate that crap. There's no need to fight one another about a japanese video game system, kapish? :)

7. Try not to double-post in a thread. If you just posted in a thread a couple of hours or less ago and you have something new to say in that same thread (and no one has responded to your earlier post), hit EDIT instead of REPLY. Just edit your post. Sometimes people double post because they want to quote more than one previous post. You can do so on the REPLY page by setting your blinking cursor to where you want the quote to appear in your reply, then hitting the QUOTE button next to the post you want to quote underneath the reply text box (scroll down on any REPLY page to see what I mean).

8. Member impersonation is also not allowed. Anyone pretending to be, or impersonating a member of the Famicom World forums, will be given a 30 day ban, joke or not. If you do it another time, the length of the ban will be discussed by Famicom World staff members.

9. No ROMs. The site doesn't allow ROMs to be attached to posts or linked in posted. Do that through PMs and emails.

10. All attempts to sell items must be strictly limited to the Buy / Sell /Trade and Auction! Auction! boards. One exception: If a member has posted that they are seeking an item or a place to buy an item, you may reply within that same thread, regardless of the board in which the member's inquiry appears.

11. Any violation of the rules must be reported through the "Report to moderator" link at the bottom-right corner of every post or through a PM to one of the moderators. Only moderators can enforce the forum's rules. No member has the right to enforce rules or pass judgment on alleged violations of the rules.

12. The sale of pirated goods (copied games, copiers, modchips, etc) for modern consoles is prohibited.  "Modern", in this case, refers to consoles/games for which game companies may be actively seeking to stop piracy.  This includes current-gen consoles, and possibly the previous generation or two, depending on the company/console and type of goods being sold.  Due to the subjectivity of this definition, no penalties will be given for violating this rule; only thread lock/deletion.  Discussion of piracy-related goods and techniques of any type-- modern consoles included -- is acceptable, but do remember rule #9.

13. Get to posting, fool!


Gah!  I had an image in my signature...  Then I had to kill it after reading this...  Awwwww....

As for rule #4, "you're" should be "your".  It confused me for a sec, then I understood that image siggys aren't allowed... 


Thanks for pointing out the typo. :) And sorry about the signature rule, but I think those images can get a bit ridiculous sometimes, making threads look cluttered.

Jedi Master Baiter

I just remembered about Juggolones' sig image - remember how intrusive that was? Scandalous! >:(


Wasn't it a huge scrolling image of ICP holding some wrestling championship belt? Man. :D


Rules have been updated to address minor double-posting issues. It's not a big deal, but I figured it'd be good to have it in there.


I still don't get what sigs can do to hurt a forum. Yes some of them are rediculous, and I've seen my fair share, but they add to the post I find. As long as they are kept minimal in size I don't see what they hurt. But your rules are rules I suppose


No matter what size, they tend to slow down a forum. Especially a non-free one.


I like a forums without graphics in the signatures. Makes all very easy to read.
You still can put text in your sig. Should be good that way.


My goal is total thought control.


Quote from: JC on September 02, 2007, 02:51:50 pm
My goal is total thought control.

I knew that before you even posted it. ;)


New rule has been added. Please refer to Rule 8 for details.


What's member impersonating? Do you mean if I created an account called "FamicomJI" and made posts?



The second post in the linked thread was of someone impersonating me. They used an ID very close to mine, and even used my old avatar. The post count gives it away though, haha. :P

But yeah, a good addition to the rules.

On a kind of unrelated topic, on a profile page I used to go to, I found a profile where someone was using my pictures and making a lot of false statements.