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Started by Doc, August 01, 2006, 08:35:01 pm

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Don't worry Tupin, this was because of Rogles, WillT, and me mostly :-[
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Quote from: son_ov_hades on March 03, 2009, 09:53:25 am
Yeah our younger members are all post whores  :P.

ORLY???...oh wait :X


No, popibros, he didn't mean you.  :)


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If people don't like signatures they can turn them off. Why make everyone else suffer? The same thing with TV and the radio; If you don't like what's on, change it unless it is corrupting kids like Nicktoons and Cartoon Network.


What's the point of having signatures then? People will abuse them (as they do everywhere else where it's allowed - huge animated flashing images breaking the forum's layout, disrupting the flow of the conversation, clogging up our internets and stealing our megahertz), forcing everyone to turn them off to make the forums readable, leaving no chance for the few guys that actually abide to common sense and want to have a simple text sig.


Over at GSCentral there is almost no signature abuse and there are a lot more people there so I doubt that would happen here.


I'd rather do away with sigs entirely and have a larger avatar and mini text entry underneath.  That way people could still link to their homepage, or say a favourite quote but there wouldn't be the BS that can appear.  I think that's very sensible, as the avs are hella small.  A lot of Vbulletin forums have a larger but still sensible size:
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To be rather blunt, the guys who run the forum don't like images in signatures.  We all seem to agree that images in signatures breaks the flow of a thread.  Text ones aren't so bad and can actually be useful and/or relevant.  We don't want members to have to block *all* signatures just so they won't be annoyed by the few obnoxious ones that would ultimately appear.

Avatar size...I dunno.  I prefer smaller avatars.  I prefer them because the minimum height of a post is going to be the height of the user's avatar plus any textual data (username, post count, etc) about the user.  If we allowed 200px-tall avatars, that would mean simple one-sentence posts (which are a-ok here) would be much taller than they need to be.  It decreases readability.

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I have found some useful links clicking on people's sigs here that lead to their personal shops.  It would be quite the nuisance to have to post that kind of information every time a person makes a post.


Text is fine, banners are fine too as long as they're kept in check. Nothing larger than a certain size and nothing animated (which includes flashing).

That is the general rule I've seen around the Internet and very few people seem to be taken aback by it.


I personally like it without images in the sig.
The pages load fast and you don't have the same image 10 times on one page when 1 poster happens to be very active in a certain thread.

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I enjoy FW the way it is now. The avatars seem reasonably sized and the text sigs are just fine imo.
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From the forum's layout FW is by far the forum that I like the most. Colors are eye-friendly, avatar-size is perfect, an no big sig images disturb the viewing pleasure.


What I meant was, I absolutely don't think we should have images or banners in sigs, but I also think the useful/worthwhile sigs could sit under an avatar as like you say it's usually a link.  Great.

If you look at each user's info though the name and post count etc is larger than the avatar, with lots of empty space to the right.  I just think the avatar could be twice the width perhaps, it wouldn't even need to be any taller per se.

Even if you post one line, a huge amount of space is used because of the general user profile, aim / PM icons etc, I just think all that could be compressed a little, the star icons and the font could use being smaller IMO.   Or, the avatar could move up to sit beside all that information.  I had to make a website recently though, so I know it's easier said than done when you have to go into module code and tak it apart just for little changes.

Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, it's just how I see it.
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