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Started by Doc, August 01, 2006, 08:35:01 pm

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Added rule #12:
QuoteThe sale of pirated goods (copied games, copiers, modchips, etc) for modern consoles is prohibited.  "Modern", in this case, refers to consoles/games for which game companies may be actively seeking to stop piracy.  This includes current-gen consoles, and possibly the previous generation or two, depending on the company/console and type of goods being sold.  Due to the subjectivity of this definition, no penalties will be given for violating this rule; only thread lock/deletion.  Discussion of piracy-related goods and techniques of any type-- modern consoles included -- is acceptable, but do remember rule #9.

Basically, we don't want the site to get hit with a DMCA shutdown notice or similar overreaching IP-protection action.  If you're not sure if an item can be sold, either ask the mods or post it for sale and see what happens.


Does this mean FW officially frowns upon modern-pirate talk? I know on some forums they'll nearly lynch you for mentioning it.


No. Please read the rule carefully.
You can talk all you want, but not sell any pirated items for modern consoles.


Just wondering. I thought it was implied.


I thought I was pretty explicit about that part of it:
QuoteDiscussion of piracy-related goods and techniques of any type-- modern consoles included -- is acceptable, but do remember rule #9.


It's clear and understandable. I don't see any problem with the rule.


Quote from: 80sFREAK on August 15, 2012, 09:55:02 pm
Went thru whole tread, got officail position about ROM's, but didn't found clear position about GPL ROM's, homebrew ROM's and patches.
Notice: i do not talk about translations and hacks as they appeared as patched ROM's with original copyrights.

The official policy is no ROMs of commercial games and no ROMs of pirate games.  We tend not to enforce the pirate ROMs rule, although if someone were to start a thread dedicated to linking up pirate ROMs, it would get deleted.

GPL ROMs are fine, since they're GPL.  Homebrew ROMs are fine as long as the author has provided the ROM.  For example, the Battle Kid demo ROM is fine, while the Battle Kid full version ROM is not.

ROM patches are fine (IPS, UPS, etc).  Patched ROMs are only okay if they meet the GPL or homebrew requirements mentioned above.


Demo ROMs should be fine, yeah.

The main reason for the rule is that we don't want to become known as a forum that is a source for ROMs.  That attracts lots of useless members who only beg for more ROMs.  In some cases, it may even anger IP holders.


That is not allowed.  IPS patches are okay, but pre-patched ROMs are not.

Unless you're talking about hardware?  If so, please elaborate.


I am talking about hardware. Thing about ROM's pretty clear to me.
I don't buy, sell or trade at moment.
But my question is how hackers at that time were able to hack those games?(c)krzy


If it's hardware (like a translated reproduction cart), then it's not that big of a deal.  Just keep it retro :D


It's good that you read the rules, but I think you should read rule #2 again.


Rule 13 doesn't imply nonsensical posting. It is encouraging you to take part in the community.


Can we add a rule to the B/S/T forum to end the sales of counterfeit rares? It's outrageous that people can make huge profits off of games that could easily be re-purposed into scamming a collector. This sort of thing is already dealt with among reputable repro-makers, Ebay, and Nintendo Age. Why are we still allowing it here?

Oh, and I'm not even talking about the goofy Famiclone pirate stuff; that would be a lot of work for a scammer to turn one of those into something that could scam a collector. And those are genuinely a cheaper alternative for gamers to play on original consoles. (Unlike that $120 Dino Peak fake being peddled in the forum right now...)
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